Do You Live In The Most Stressed Out City?

stressed office worked top down view

It is highly likely that at one point or another this week you will feel ‘stressed’. If you’re a male salesperson living in Cardiff your chances are even higher. According to Perkbox, an employee benefit scheme company, the Welsh capital topped the chart with 70 percent of workers saying they’re stressed. Wolverhampton was a close second, followed by London, Coventry and Liverpool.

Around 70 percent of men feel stressed at work, with those aged between 25-34 being the most likely to suffer with work-related stress, compared to one in three women. Finance topped the list in terms of most stressful industries, followed by national and local government and the health sector, while those working in sales and HR departments are likely to bear the brunt. Read More…

Takeaway Tips From Shabir and Trinny’s Menopause Facebook Live

Shabir and Trinny

If you missed Shabir and Trinny Woodall’s Facebook Live this weekend, catch up on everything here. Themed solely around the menopause, Shabir offered advice on how to tackle the most common symptoms with natural remedies.
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As a long-term poor sleeper prone to waking at 3 or 4am, I am over the moon to have found Cherry Night by Viridian (£24.95 for 150g), which is described as a ‘nutritional nightcap’ by the brand’s in-house formulator and naturopath Ben Brown. With natural melatonin – the sleep hormone – from cherries, plus calming glycine and magnesium, a teaspoon of this pink powder in water, milk or natural yoghurt gives me a much better quality of sleep so I have more sustained energy during the day. After three months of taking it nightly I am now used to sleeping well, which amazes me. Read More…