The Stress-Reducing Modern Wellness Trends To Know About


Whether you tuck an amethyst crystal in your bra every day or have an energy healer on speed dial, it’s clear that the popularity of spiritual wellbeing is on the rise. It’s unsurprising, as wellness is now a staggering $4.2 trillion dollar global industry. One that’s infiltrated our local café menus, bookshelves and how we spend our Sunday nights. But why have we become so fixated by the pursuit of wellness? Read More…

Rainbow Healing


We love colour. Bright, splashy paints. A flash of a fuchsia or turquoise pashmina. The rose of a new lipstick… But did you know that whenever you choose what to wear, or a colour for your hallway, you’re instinctively using its ability to influence your state of mind? We’ve been fascinated, over the years, to discover how colour is also employed in physical healing, from the medical use of coloured light to the more esoteric ‘chakra therapy’.

So: look around you. Can you see anything that isn’t coloured? Think of your sense of wonder (and satisfaction) when you see a rainbow, or, on a smaller scale, the enchanting dappled light when sunlight shines through a window pane on to a white wall. There’s a huge range of invisible colours, too: the sun emits shortwave ultraviolet light, for instance, and white light is a mix of every hue. Read More…