Chilblains Treatment

chillblains frozen girl

Chilblains, more common in women than men, are a relatively common concern almost exclusively confined to colder climates and countries. They are a painful reaction to cold weather that commonly occur in the toes though they can also affect the rest of the foot, fingers, the nose and ears.

What are chilblains?

Chilblains, also known as perniosis, are unusual reactions of the small blood vessels, called capillaries, within one’s skin. Chilblains look like small red bumps on the toes and fingers and are often very itchy and painful. The cold weather causes the capillaries to constrict and when the area warms up again, the capillaries are not able to open up quickly resulting in the stagnation of blood and all the waste products within it. It is these waste products that accumulate in skin and set off an inflammatory reaction that can be painful. Read More…