The Best Face And Body Scrubs For Your Skin

Pink Body Scrub top down view

To paraphrase the Daleks, there is one beauty action more important than any other, this month. ‘Exfoliate, Exfoliate!!!’

Because by now, the central heating’s been on for months. And did you know that your clothes have actually been acting as a wick these past few months, extracting moisture from your body? The problem with dry skin is that it starts to look flat and sometimes flaky. Dry skin doesn’t refract light in the way healthy, dewy, plumped-up skin does. (Which is why our skin rarely looks better than on holiday.) Simply piling on moisturiser, though, doesn’t cut it. Dusty, dry surface cells just don’t soak up nourishment and moisture (never mind all those pricey anti-ageing ingredients you’ve sprung for) the way that new cells do. Read More…

Ditch The Dinge! Scrubs.

Ditch the dinge by Josephine Fairley

Spring may be bursting into life outside – but after a winter of central heating, biting winds and barely a ray of sunlight, skin can look decidedly less-than-vibrant. In fact, unless you’ve managed to squeeze in some winter sun, the chances are that right now, everything that’s been lurking under a vest/cashmere jumper/your Wolford Velvet Deluxes looks – well, rather like something that has been under a stone. Pale. Pasty. Just plain dull. (And, chances are, dry too – because did you know that clothes actually ‘wick’ the moisture from skin…?) Read More…