Can You Prevent Insect Bites With Your Diet?

Insect Repellent

It starts with a slight tingle, develops into an itch and by the time you wake up in the morning it’s a sore, red lump that you scratch without even thinking. Insect bites are one of the less glamorous side effects of the warmer weather. Google how to prevent insect bites and you’ll find mists, balms and creams, as well as several suggestions of what to eat to avoid being eaten alive. But, can what you eat or not eat really put mosquitoes off?  Read More…

How To Avoid Insect Bites

We all wish to avoid insect bites whether we are on holiday or not; there is no doubt that some people are more prone to insect bites than others but we do not fully understand why.

Multiple studies indicate that taking vitamin B1 is a proven way to make you less prone to insect bites. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is a very safe, non-toxic vitamin. This vitamin, when taken in large doses, apparently produces a skin odour that is not detectable by humans but is disagreeable by flying insects. It seems to be especially suitable for those with hypersensitive allergic individuals, and usually takes about two weeks to fully saturate the skin. I recommend taking Vitamin B1 500mg by Solgar Vitamins, take one tablet daily two weeks before your holidays and also during your holiday.

There are many topical insect repellent products on the market but please ensure that you do not use one containing DEET. The chemical DEET (N,N diethyl –toluamide) is a highly effective insect repellent however there are some downsides to using products that contain it. Firstly, it smells bad. Secondly, it leaves an unpleasant oily residue on skin. Finally, it is certainly toxic if ingested but numerous studies suggest that it has a serious effect on our nervous system.

When it comes to topical insect repellents, I prefer the natural route and always recommend Acqua D’Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Spray, a sweet/spicy smelling fragrance spray containing extracts of geranium, lavender and Melissa in a blend of 22 essential oils tried. Acqua D’Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Spray is suitable for even those with sensitive skin. For babies and children, use Acqua D’Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Moisturizer.

For those who do unfortunately get bitten, I would recommend the use of Lemon Balm Cream which helps to soothe itchy and inflamed skin and may prevent infections due to its natural antimicrobial properties.