Breathe Yourself Slim


Most of us don’t breathe the right way.  In fact, we use at most 20% of our lung capacity.  But research from Harvard credits breath work to lift depression, relieve stress and anecdotal evidence suggests you can lose weight, perhaps connecting with our breath is more powerful than we had first thought?

“Breath is quite literally life,” says Alan Dolan, Global Breath Expert, “When you breathe better, you live better.” When the breath is out of kilter – shallow and disconnected – your body automatically holds this as stress and tension. But get the breath right and you start flooding cells with oxygen and energy and the body begins to heal, recalibrate and release the toxins responsible for holding weight. Read More…



As the author of a book called The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book, I’m (er) naturally big on ‘green’ beauty. But I’m also big on anything that we can do to look better absolutely for free, and posture definitely comes into that category. Basically, wouldn’t we all love to drop three kilos instantly and look taller? (Yay!) Well, it doesn’t take surgery, or liposuction – because simply improving your posture does that for you. And let’s not forget: posture makes all the difference to how others see us. As Genevieve Antoine Dariaux got it right when she observed in her book Elegance (written in the early 60s): ‘When a woman is trying on clothes, she almost always holds herself beautifully erect in front of the dressing-room mirror. If afterwards she hollows her chest and lets her entire body slump, she should not be surprised to find that her new dress does not look as chic as it did when she tried it on in the shop…’ Hmm.
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