Facial Massage


If you were to ask us one key piece of beauty advice, we would probably answer: massage your face. Once upon a time, we had a friend who was terrified to touch her face, in case she wrinkled it. Yet the opposite is more true: massaging your face – getting the lymph flowing and the circulation moving – is incredibly good for skin, delivering nutrients, boosting radiance and de-puffing, as the lymph drains away. It’s also fantastically de-stressing, especially massaging the cheek and jaw area where a lot of us unwittingly store tension. (Do an instant check: are your jaws clenched together, as you read this? If so, simply press along the jaw-line right now to remove some of that stress.) Read More…

Gill meets Claire Vero


When was Aurelia founded and what was your first ever product?

Aurelia launched in January 2013, after 18 months of research, technology development, formulation testing and selecting just the right blends of essential oils. It was an amazing feeling to see the website go live, to see the first orders coming through and to receive such fantastic feedback! I decided to launch Aurelia with a core capsule range of five key products, they complement each other perfectly and form a simple routine designed to improving skin health and tackle the challenges of age prevention.

What is your background?

I worked for nine years for one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). As a Marketing Director within GSK’s Global Dermatology Centre of Excellence I took a leading role in launching evidence-based technology into markets whilst identifying and considering the varying needs of different skin types around the world. I met a lot of patients with skin concerns that ranged from eczema and psoriasis to those seeking solutions for dry skin, protection from the sun and ageing. Read More…

Glowing Skin, Naturally


By now, regular readers will know how important oral probiotics are for keeping your gut in good order by promoting the ‘good bugs’ so they can fight the bad ones. A healthy gut also means glowing skin. Consumer surveys in our new book The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible suggest that topical products based on probiotic technology have a dramatic effect on skin by controlling the inflammation that damages cells. Natural brand Aurelia Probiotic Skincare submitted five products to our rigorous ten-women tester panels and all five won awards. In fact, its Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser, £52, notched up one of the highest scores (9.5/10) in Beauty Bible history. One delighted tester said: ‘A five-star rating: skin firmer, fine lines plumper – my husband told me, “Your skin looks amazing.”’

Victoria Health is offering the first 200 YOU readers to order any Aurelia Probiotic Skincare product a FREE Mega Probiotic-ND supplement, worth £19; call 0800 3898 195 or visit victoriahealth.com. PS You can also buy The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, £14.95. Read More…

Gill meets Get the Gloss

Susannah Taylor and Sarah Vine 8

Gill meets Sarah Vine and Susannah Taylor from Get the Gloss.

Get the Gloss launched in October 2012; how was the idea conceived and what was the inspiration behind the site?

ST: I had a blog called Get the Gloss – I had started it as I had a wealth of experts at my fingertips from my time as Beauty and Health Editor at Vogue and Glamour and I wanted to share these experts online. I then met with Sarah who had a bigger idea for a website that brought inter-active expert advice to the public and she asked me to help build it and be its editor. As I started working on the bigger site it became clear I wouldn’t have time for my blog, so the big site became Get the Gloss. Read More…