Post-Summer SOS


It isn’t usually like this. We get through to the end of August feeling like we need to add tanning drops to our moisturiser, spritzing BetterYou Vitamin D spray to make up for the sun we didn’t get during our British summer, and lamenting money spent on swimwear not worn.

And then along came ‘The Summer of 2018′ – to go down in history, like ‘The Summer of 1976′ (only this time we weren’t, alas, cruising London streets in the passenger seat of a Triumph Stag with the roof down…) Read More…


black radiator white brick wall

The central heating’s on. (Wow, that happened early, didn’t it?) The Wolford opaques have been excavated from the winter clothes drawer. And if we’re not careful, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ could be the watchwords when it comes to bodycare over the next few months. When we’re clad in Heattech vests and thermal socks and generally cosied up against the elements – always remembering that gorgeous Danish phrase, ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes’ – bodycare can go on a back burner. (With that pan of warming soup, perhaps.)

But even though skin may not be on show, it’s as important to focus on bodycare in the cold months as it is when you’re in a swimsuit. Moisture in skin makes for healthy cellular communication: when those electrical charges can pass between cells, their ability to repair and renew is optimised. (As we’ve said before, moisturiser is in itself ‘anti-ageing’.) Winter conditions – and even the clothes we wear – are the enemies of well-moisturised skin, however; tight clothing actually ‘wicks’ moisture from the surface of the body (think of your clothes as giant blotting paper!), while central heating makes for desert-like conditions atomospherically, further evaporating water from the skin. Read More…

Prepping Skin for Winter


Of course it’s dead easy to have a kissable pout, a dewy complexion and a touch-me-soft body in summer, when the air’s all humid and skin-friendly. But the minute the central heating goes on and those Siberian winds bluster in from the east, our skins become challenged. Sticking to your usual regime when the thermometer plummets means lizard lips, alligator elbows and chapped cheeks. So in cold weather, skin needs winter-proofing, if it’s not to become uncomfortably dry (and dull, with it).

First step: skincare. The cold weather watchword, pretty much regardless of skin type, is: ‘more’. More moisturising, more gently, more often. In winter, those who can’t otherwise be dissuaded from using plain old soap and water (and I do discover women who are still actually doing this!) really have to put the suds into hibernation. Soap strips the skin of its natural oily protection, and no cream can ever replace that moisture. Read More…