What To Look For In A Good Face Cream


Face cream is one of those beauty products that you can find in almost every bathroom cabinet. In fact, three quarters of British women and at least half of the male population use a moisturiser every day. New research suggests that we spend up to three minutes a day applying moisturiser, which amounts to around six weeks of our lifetime, in pursuit of smoother, softer, youthful looking skin. 

With endless products on the market, each with its own enticing promise of better-looking skin, finding the right face cream for you is no mean feat. 

Why should you use a face cream?

There are more than a handful of buzz ingredients that brands highlight on their labels that promise to transform your skin. While smoothing out lines and brightening your complexion are attractive claims, what you really want your cream to do is strengthen your skin’s barrier. Read More…

Why You Should Introduce Niacinamide Into Your Skincare Routine


There are many serums on the market that promise to soften your lines, wrinkles, plump up your skin and make it look youthful. Some are really good whilst others just don’t live up to their promises. Enter Niacinamide serum which has the potential to change your skin for the better.

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 and is found in many supplements, is converted into niacinamide which helps in the manufacture of enzymes that release cellular energy and break down fats more efficiently. Your digestive system, nervous system and brain function all depend upon adequate levels of niacinamide. Read More…

Turbo-Charge Your Cleansing Regime

Turbo-Charge Your Cleansing Regime

We are the Queens of Clean – always have been – but we know many, many women who are so bored by cleansing that they skimp (and even occasionally skip) this important part of the anti-ageing ritual. You can spend hundreds of pounds on an anti-ageing cream (if you really must…) – but it’s money down the drain if you aren’t cleansing properly.

The reason is simple: unless you’ve got rid of the daily build-up of dead skin cells, your anti-ager is just going to sit there. Doing not very much at all. Quite expensively…

Cleansing in this specific way – as espoused originally by Eve Lom and now many, many happy and fresh-faced followers – is, in our experience, the most effective way to swoosh away the day and ‘prep’ skin for everything that comes next. Read More…