Mindful Beauty Is On The Rise


At this point most of us are more than well acquainted with the idea of mindfulness. From embracing weekly yoga classes to taking up daily journaling, we’re all being encouraged to switch-off and hone in on our physical and mental wellbeing. The philosophy has crept into our relationship with food, as well as how we parent with the help of new-age how-to books. Read More…

The Importance Of Acceptance


We know lots of women who’ve had fillers, Botox and other cosmetic ‘tweaks’. And if that includes you, that’s your choice. But you won’t find us lining up for a syringe-ful of anything ‘age-defying’ in a cosmeto-dermatologist’s waiting room. Not now, not ever. We have plenty of beauty editor colleagues who’ve done so, of course – sometimes in the line of duty, to educate other women about what it’s like and what results to expect. But along the way, in some cases, they’ve entirely stopped looking like the women we knew (and not in a good way). Read More…

The Beauty Bible Spring Skincare Edit

Pink Tutti London

As some of you may know, for aeons now we have been sharing products that Beauty Bible loves every single weekday on Beautybible.com, having sifted through the literally thousands of products which land on our desks each year to find the gems.

It probably will not come as a surprise to VH devotees that many of our finds happen to come from this very website. So – in case you missed them – here are some of our recent faves and our spring skincare edit… Read More…

Salvation For Skin


Staying with friends in the Pyrenees recently, I was astonished by the visible improvement to my skin brought about by the pure mountain air. The contrast clearly demonstrated the effect pollution has on our largest organ – a long-standing concern for natural skincare expert Annee de Mamiel. Now, Annee, who is qualified in Chinese medicine and aromatherapy, is launching her new Atmosphériques collection to combat the damage caused by environmental pollutants, particularly in urban areas and offices. Read More…

Beauty Conscious


My love of beauty began when, as a teenager, I was given the Vogue Body & Beauty Book by Bronwen Meredith. I instantly fell in love with this glamorous, encylopaedia full of illustrations and images of supermodel greats – Verushka in perfect yoga shoulder stand, Bianca Jagger as dark lipped disco diva, Lauren Hutton natural, outdoorsy and smiling. I made the natural cosmetics – including egg white face mask and olive oil conditioner – and soaked up information on acupuncture and meditation. It spurred me on to follow my dream to become a Beauty & Health Editor. Looking back now, I realise it also sparked my interest in the holistic approach, making me see that our lifestyle choices and how we feel about ourselves feed into how radiant we look. A ‘beyond beauty’ approach – where a slick of lipstick is as important to self-esteem as exercising, and making the connection that what we put into our mouths matters as much as what we smooth onto the surface of our skin (and vice versa).

Over the years, there have been many beauty pioneers who’ve taken this approach. As I sit and write this – two major influencers spring to mind. First, Dame Anita Roddick who founded The Body Shop in 1976. Back then, her products had a home spun feel, and were sold in re-fillable bottles which fitted with the era (hippy was in Vogue, popularised in the sit com, The Good Life). As the down-to-earth beauty approach caught on and the company grew globally, so did the strength of its campaigns for ethically sourced and cruelty-free ingredients. Meanwhile in the US, Austrian born session hairdresser, Horst Rechelbacher launched his brand Aveda in 1978. Rechelbacher’s travels to India led him to discover and study the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, which Read More…

Gill meets Annee de Mamiel

annee de mamiel

Discovering Botaniques

Following her own health crisis in 1998, Annee de Mamiel could not find a natural, healing product that worked. This re-ignited a passion for mixing and blending, which first appeared with her Barbie perfume maker, aged 7, which led to her starting to blend her own.

As a result Annee began studying Chinese Medicine with the intention of combining ancient Chinese Philosophy with an understanding of Western science. She applied this learning to create a range of treatments which reduce the harsh impact of everyday life on the face by treating the underlying conditions and creating balance and harmony within the body.

Botaniques is the professional, artisanal, healing range from Annee de Mamiel and talking about her range, Annee says: Read More…