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    ‘Look, I’ve got goose bumps!’ we cry when something slightly freaky happens, sticking out an arm. But we are less itching to show off about this chickeny skin when it’s permanent, when the back of our arms or our thighs or – occasionally – our bottom sports a constant rough rash. Who wants to crow about a buttock like an emery board?

    It’s a condition called keratosis pilaris and although it’s tremendously unsinister, it’s not something we’re thankful for a wedding dress or evening gown or tank top comes a-calling. And men get it, too – a muscled tricep emerging from a T-shirt, its glistening contours sadly dulled by this poultry problem. ‘There is no cure,’ intones the doom-laden NHS website. Ah, but there are ways.

    There is a new body lotion that’s positively laced with lactic acid to encourage the skin’s natural exfoliation system. Allantoin has keratolytic properties that work to shed clinging dead skin cells and encourage renewal. A milk protein complex does for skin what conditioner does for hair. Even the name is soothing: Ameliorate. Sounds like a self-care verb: ‘I find that if I forgot to meditate and ameliorate, I go a bit mad.’

    If you don’t have chicken arms, you might have reptilian legs. Or dried-out claws. Or roughened feet. Or any manner of parched parts that you feel a little disheartened by. No need. Just Ameliorate. Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion, £27.50

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The Smooth Way To Beat The Bumps

Keratosis Pilaris - Chicken Skin

The rough bumpy dry skin condition keratosis pilaris (often called ‘chicken skin’) affects nearly 40 per cent of people. Harmless but unsightly, the red bumps are caused by keratin and dead skin cells blocking the opening of hair follicles. Used twice daily, a new body lotion called Ameliorate, which contains potent moisturisers and exfoliating compounds, can help to re-texturise skin. £27.50, from

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