How To Fade Acne Scars


Acne sufferers face more than one concern which of course includes the nuisance of acne itself, however most sufferers are usually anxious about acne scars since unlike acne, which may be temporary, acne scars are perceived to be for life.

There are numerous topical products aimed at treating scar tissue but before we investigate the types of acne scars, it is important that one should try and prevent acne in the first place. Read More…

The Treatment of Scars

A scar is a blemish left behind after a surface injury or once a wound has healed. The human body was designed to sustain a variety of aggressions including cuts, grazes, burns and bruises. All these incidents set into motion a complicated and orchestrated chain of events that are involved in the healing process. When an injury occurs, be it a cut or an acne infection, a variety of cells are sent quickly to the wounded region and the complex healing process begins.

When you have a superficial wound, a scab develops to protect the wound. Over a few days the scab falls off leaving the skin to produce pigment which over a few days or weeks would match the colour of skin. On the other hand, a deeper wound causes damage to the pigment producing layers of upper skin. Due to the excessive inflammation as a result of this trauma, scarring is more likely. Read More…