Spring Hair Tip



With the recent Vernal Equinox comes warmer weather, sunnier skies, bulbs bursting with tulips and daffodils and trees finally about to open new buds. For your body, this moment of the year is also an active time of renewal and growth. Winter stresses can cause scaly, overheated, undernourished skin and the driest hair of the year, which is why it’s important to take stock of the your body’s current state and take the time to nourish and relax.

Now is the time for renewal, be it through internal cleanses, experimenting with new forms of exercise and meditation, or just finding the hours to pamper yourself a little bit extra at home. It is also time to take a close look at your hair and skin and see exactly what it might need, as the weather and our lifestyles, change with the season.

At Phylia de M. one of the underlying philosophies is that your hair is like a plant. It needs to be loved, nourished and treated with care, in order to grow healthy and strong. In this way, we recommend thinking of our Connect formula as a detoxifying and soothing fertilizer for the scalp. In the same way you would nurture your spring garden, we encourage you to nurture your hair and skin, boosting moisture and encouraging new hair growth for the coming summer months.

Happy Spring everyone!


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