If you have spent a day at the screen, the new self-heating eye mask from Spacemasks will be an extraordinary relief. Pop one on at night and feel a delicious warmth spreading over and around your eyes. Lie down first, though, as the heat is activated when you open the pouch. The heat exchange is generated by oxygen in the air ‘cuddling up’ (the brand’s own phrase) to iron particles in the fabric. It apparently lasts about 15 minutes, although I fell deeply asleep well before. A good night’s sleep is lovely in itself, but there was a bonus the next morning when I saw my sparkling, rested-looking eyes – indeed, my whole eye area was refreshed. Spacemasks are designed for a single use, but my eyes still looked and felt unusually bright after I used it a second night – although the heat didn’t repeat. At £15 for a pack of five, Spacemasks are not cheap but worth investing in if you suffer from eye strain or are feeling stressed – and for special occasions, too.


It’s not surprising to hear Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly talking about legs. But rather than pondering a perfect fleckerl, the down-to-earth Ms Daly, 48 and the mother of two daughters, is concerned about her own tired legs. ‘I’m on my feet all day, rushing round from the moment I get up at 6.30am,’ says Tess. ‘I don’t have anything medical to worry about – just a general achiness. If I’ve had an especially long day in the studio my legs can feel uncomfortable – even after resting.’

Most busy women know the feeling, particularly those whose work involves standing all day. ‘I asked my hairdresser how she coped with being on her feet nine hours a day. She said that some nights she can’t sleep because her legs and feet have that awful feeling of heaviness and ache so much,’ she says.

That’s why Tess is fronting the launch of Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights 20 Denier. Made with Fibre Firm technology, which helps to boost circulation around the whole leg to relieve pressure, they also feature a body-shaping control top. Tess is a genuine fan: ‘I only align myself with products I use and admire.’ As well as black, Light Legs come in sheer nude, which Tess favours: ‘They hide flaws and even out skin tone beautifully – they’re my secret weapon.’


Neom’s Holiday Heroes collection ticks all the boxes for travelling well. Stroke on Nourish, Breathe & Calm Hand Balm as the plane engine judders and Energy Burst on the Go Mist as the wheels descend. For long distance, Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist is a must. At your destination, revel in Great Day Body Scrub, with matching Body & Hand Wash and Lotion. £45, online from and in store at 186a King’s Road, London SW 3.

Persuading men to take a nutritional supplement can be as tricky as getting them to go to the GP. Taking one pill a day seems acceptable, however, so I have been investing in Vitabiotics Wellman tablets, formulated for various ages and needs. Options in my cupboard include 50+ for my husband and Sport for my marathon-runner nephew. The range also offers 70+, with nutrients for vision, immunity and cognitive function, and Conception for fertility.


• Lie on your back with your feet up against a wall or roll feet and legs on top of a gym ball while you watch TV.
• Go for a brisk daily walk to help boost your circulation. When I’m at home, I take my dogs Blue, a chihuahua, and Mini, a maltese-shih tzu cross, with me.
• Sip still water with a squeeze of lemon. I aim for eight glasses a day – it’s the answer to everything.

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