Phylia TIP – Moisturizing Winter Skin Mask

Phylia Tip - Moisturizing Winter Skin Mask

As we move into the winter months, our skin and hair can suffer from the cold weather, freezing wind and lack of moisture in the air. We’ve come up with a way to battle the winter blues with a homemade winter skin mask made of natural ingredients that you can find in your own cabinet and a few added spritzes of our Connect formula and a dropperful of our Fulphyl.

The result is smooth, clean and happy skin!


4 spritzes of Phylia de M Connect Formula (to prep skin)

2 tbsp raw honey (nurturing and antibacterial to skin)

2 tbsp coconut oil (both moisturizing and antibacterial to skin)

3 tbsp plain yogurt (softens skin and keeps skin soft and smooth)

A few dropperfuls of Phylia de M Fulphyl

Mix ingredients, prep face by spraying with Connect and apply mask to hair and face. Sit back, relax, sip a cup of hot tea. One face, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and enjoy the results!

NOTE: Always be careful when using homemade beauty concoctions and be sure to apply a small amount to skin first, just to be certain you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients!

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  • Shirley Sabin

    Hi Shabir – I’ve just been diagnosed with gallstones, so farewell butter, cream, cheese and biscuits! I’ve heard that Apple Cider Vinegar might help to break down gallstones. What to you advise please?

  • Victoria Health

    Hi Shirley, apple cider vinegar in the “mother” form does have many benefits but it will not dissolve gallstones. Gallstones are composed of fats and hence my first recommendation would be the use Phosphatidyl Choline which is triple strength lecithin to dissolve fats. One can also improve liver function using a good milk thistle supplement. Shabir