Peace Balm

I do love a bit of synchronicity and when I received two glowing reports on the efficacy of this product within 24 hours, it was enough to make me sit up and do my research. I have to say that I nearly had heart failure when I saw the price of the product, £99, but then I dug a bit deeper and discovered that was for the large size and there was another option at £39, which is just fine because you only ever need to use a tiny amount at any given time.

Let me say that I don’t have an issue with expensive products, but they need to work hard to justify their existence and I am not up for writing about products where the vast percentage of the price goes on marketing and packaging. This is absolutely not the case with Peace Balm and in a world where I will only write about extraordinary products, let me introduce you to peace for unhappy skin.

Peace Balm is a replenishing skincare product, researched and developed in Switzerland. It particularly caters to the needs of extremely dry, sensitive and irritated skin and can also be used as a treatment for mild to moderate eczema and rosacea. The great thing about this balm is that it is not only ideal as an intensive remedy for unhappy skin, it is also an all-round skincare product that comes to the skin’s rescue when the need arises. Three testers told me they had used it on their feet with pretty miraculous results, which I like, so guess what, it has gone on my feet too, with equally dramatic results.

Peace Balm is formulated from 21 highly concentrated, natural ingredients and contains the exclusively developed ‘Serenity Seed Complex’, an active seed oil compound extracted from blackcurrant seeds and black cumin seeds; the use of these natural remedies is centuries-old and external applications of compounds with blackcurrant are traditionally used to treat and intensely calm cases of reddened, scaly and itchy skin. The use of Black Cumin dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was used to treat a wide range of symptoms and is particularly suited to care for extremely dry, sensitised and cracked skin.

The Peace Balm story began with one woman’s quest to pursue a path of discovery after she suddenly experienced problems with her own skin, which included extreme redness and irritation. That woman is Elena Herdieckerhoff and you can read her story on my latest interview in the ‘Gill meets ….’ series.

Finally, I just need to tell you that I am prone to eczema and just a few days ago I had an ‘attack’ right across my chest, which was rather unpleasant as it itched horribly and looked pretty awful. Peace Balm to the rescue, I just rubbed the smallest amount (it is very, very thick, so less is more) across the affected area and within two hours, the redness had gone, the itching had stopped and my skin had returned to normal by the following morning. Result-driven skincare is important to me and Peace Balm has more than earned the right to take a podium place in my bathroom; many products get there, but very few stay. This is a ‘keeper’ and I hope you love using it as much as I do. And then there is the name …. Peace Balm, gorgeously evocative.
Peace Balm £39 for 30 ml; Peace Balm £99 for 75 ml (you have the choice!); Gill meets Elena Herdieckerhoff



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