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At the end of March, Beauty Bible paid a little surprise visit to ‘Victoria Health Towers’, as we like to think of it. Actually, we were armed with cake, flowers, champagne and presents for Gill’s birthday – and the look on her very surprised face was worth every moment of MI5-worthy secretive planning.

We got to look around the warehouse, during the visit – and have since been slathering our way through a lot of new ‘finds’, which have already made their way into the ‘Beauty Bible Loves’ section of our own website. So we thought, this month, we’d share our thoughts on those products for you to read here. (Though you’ll have to provide your own cake.)

Now, we’ve extolled the virtues of This Works Deep Sleep products before: clinically proven to deliver a better night’s sleep. And they do. Honestly, they do (and Jo, for one, notices a quite radical difference to sleep quality when she nods off without anointing herself and her pillow with Deep Sleep). But with the launch of this new trio, there’s barely an inch of us that remains unslathered with the fusion of chamomile, lavender and vetiver oils which are the essential oil weapons in Deep Sleep’s war on insomnia.

Here are the three new additions we’re loving from the line-up. We’re told the products are ‘motion activated’ (a first, for us) – which is also somewhat ironic because with Deep Sleep, there’s way less tossing and turning…! But we’re definitely going to need a bigger bedside table…

This Works Sleep Plus Trouble Shooter. This is a spritz-on mist: quite light in texture but infused with soothing allantoin, hyaluronic acid, olive extract, comfrey root and vitamin E. It’s actually quite hard to believe that something this ‘thin’ can deliver enough moisture – but it really does, and is specifically designed for knees, elbows, patches of dryness, crêpiness or photo damage.

This Works Sleep Plus Dream Body. If you like something richer and more nourishing, this is your baby: an oil-rich cream with the same Deep Sleep scent, packed with retinol, baobab and crambe oil among other skin-friendly ingredients. We’ve been using it very lavishly and have a hunch This Works are going to have to release a larger size of this very soon.

This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir. You know how hair is such a brilliant ‘carrier’ of fragrance…? Well, if further proof was needed, this is it. We were a little nervous about using this – would it weigh hair down and require washing in the morning? But it’s also lightweight and seems simply to leave it silkier, not greasy. And there is something about having that vetiver/chamomile/lavender scent so close to your nose that seems to make this very effective indeed as a sleep-beckoner.

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil. Well, this is a clever one: an ‘alternative to self-tan’ in the form of a glow-y, gold infused oil which instantly takes away winter pallor and leaves hands, arms – and legs, come to that – looking healthier and nourished. It actually features an alternative to the traditional DHA tanning ingredient called erythrulose, which kicks in after a couple of days of use, stays golden (not orange) and lasts longer. Being slightly blind without glasses, though (and with the usual fine print on the box to deal with), we used it on the backs of hands first of all –and actually found it rather de-ageing. The formula seems to ‘blur’ the appearance of veins – always welcome, frankly. However, we suggest you ignore the name (Hand Chemistry really should be thinking of re-branding as ‘Body Chemistry’), and slather all over. (Because summer really is coming, at some point, we’re reliably informed…)

Lanolips Everywhere Multi-Cream. Along with their very spiffy, slightly retro new look – which we love, love, love – Lanolips have come up with a few new treats, of which this is probably our favourite. We’re still suffering from dry skin after our fake-tan-a-thon for the YOU Summer Sun Special, but this is really helping –de-scaling elbows, heels and flaky shins. Most importantly, it seriously IS a multi-tasker. Day Cream? Night Cream? Body Cream? Baby Cream? This rich offering would be brilliant to pack for a flight, because the triple-lanolin formula is perfect for combating high-altitude parchedness, too. (We’ve also used it as a cleanser, with a muslin cloth – and it’s good for that, too, even if we wouldn’t necessarily do that every single night.) If you ever find yourself baffled with the wealth of beauty options out there, this 98.4% natural skin answers multiple beauty challenges, in one sexy tube.

Mrs White’s Old Soak Finest English Bath Salts. Have you noticed how bath salts are having a moment? We’ve always loved them: a fantastic way to re-balance, re-mineralise and enjoy a good, old-fashioned soak. Which is just what these deliver. They’re from a range created by East Dulwich retailer Lawrence Roullier-White, whose Roullier White store is one of London’s key perfume-shopping destinations. The shop also has a stunning range of unusual gifts (a one-stop shopping destination, come Christmas), and household goods. These are our current ‘raves': Jo’s gone for the Grapefruit & Lime version – ‘zesty, pick-you-uppy, perfect for mornings’ – while Sarah, ever the lavender fan, has opted for the Lavande version, and is enjoying it hugely. Created from mineral-rich English sea salt, they can double up as a body scrub: just rub a little in the palm of the hands, and attack your dry, flaky bits. We rarely need an excuse to have a bath – but Mrs White’s given us a jolly a good one.

Plus – you read it here first! – this is Jo’s forthcoming review of NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%, from her next ‘Jo Loves…’ column of personal picks, on our site. ‘Gill’s been raving about NIOD since it launched and I’m slapping my wrist for not trying this before – but to be honest, I can’t be doing with products which you have to keep in the fridge. (My kitchen’s too cold to pad down in the mornings to fetch my skincare, and my husband just won’t allow a mini-bar in the bedroom. Which is probably a good thing, on balance.) Now, however, NIOD have found a way of keeping this in perfect nick without refrigeration, though you do have to shake the two elements together, once, before it’s good to go.

Gill had told me that I would see results in a few days, but honestly: it was an immediate thing, which encouraged me to keep going. I’ve been a fan of copper in skincare ever since Avon launched a copper-powered product two decades ago, but this delivers a mega-jolt of the mineral – and jolt it really is, because from the word “go” my skin looked absolutely vibrant. For the past month, since I’ve been using it, people have been saying: “Have you had a facial?” – and who doesn’t want more of THAT in their life…?’

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