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Ali Hewson and I created NUDE Skincare in 2005 after a famous lunch in Dublin with Ali and her husband Bono.

The idea for NUDE came from my experiences running the organic food stores Fresh & Wild across London. Over my career I had been encouraging people to eat foods that improved the way their bodies work, and as the skin is the largest organ of the body, I think it makes sense to feed it well. My understanding of nutrition and wellbeing is that is crazy to put synthetic, artificial ingredients in, or on, your body.

My customers shared my philosophy, and wanted the best organic food, were very motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and were mad into yoga and supplements. However, when it came to beauty, I felt the modern woman was skeptical that natural skincare actually worked. Hence they were going into Space NK and Selfridges and buying Crème de la Mer for their skin. Women were avoiding natural skincare because, while they understood that it was good for them and their skin, it wouldn’t tackle wrinkles or deliver any of the anti-ageing benefits that conventional skincare would.

This made no sense to me that women who made healthy, natural and organic choices about food and exercise had to turn to synthetic chemicals to see real results in their skin. An idea for an alternative was born. That idea was NUDE.

A mutual friend introduced me to Ali and Bono, and we discussed the idea of creating the world’s first luxury, high performance, natural skincare brand. Like my customers, Ali and her friends were interested in avoiding chemicals in skincare, but they also wanted skincare they could rely on to deliver results. She had the name NUDE in mind, which was perfect for a skincare range: intimate, bare and beautiful.

Ali and I created the vision and core values together. I focus on how the products work, spending a lot of time with retailers and customers. Ali articulates how the products should look, feel and smell. I say that she is our muse because she inspires all that is beautiful about the brand- she and her friends are our final test panel before any new launch.

Together, we have created a hardworking, harmonious range that is 98% natural, but delivers incredible anti-ageing results. NUDE now means that customers no longer need to compromise on wellbeing for the sake of performance. NUDE uses proven anti-ageing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Probiotics, CoQ10 or Peptides, but rather than sourcing them in the lab they are derived from nature from milk and plant sources. These natural ingredients are much more easily recognized by the skin and can be safely metabolized, delivering the best results.

An ingredient you might have heard the beauty press buzzing about in the last few months is Probiotics. When we were developing our products, we carried out extensive research into hundreds of natural ingredients and were astounded by the amazing skin benefits of Pre and Probiotics. NUDE pioneered the use of Probiotic Technology in anti-ageing skincare and it is the key ingredient across the entire NUDE range, including at its highest concentration in our superb Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum.

Pre and Probiotics improve the balance of bacteria on the surface of the skin similarly to the way they improve the balance of bacteria in the digestive system. They balance, hydrate and calm the complexion making them an essential treatment for all skin types, including even the most sensitive skins. They work together to repair the natural defences of the skin, soothing and hydrating for a healthy, luminous complexion.

NUDE uses a cocktail of Probiotic-derived proteins in our skincare to trigger repair responses within the skin. NUDE’s Probiotics are snap frozen at their most active phase to extract the highest level of protein. Because we use the extracted protein and not the live organisms, NUDE products do not need to be kept in the fridge.

Probiotics also deliver exceptional anti-ageing results, with recent research finding Probiotics have incredible long term effects on the skin’s health. Probiotics optimise the way the skin looks and feels at a surface level, but fundamentally repair and protect skin at a structural level with independent clinical studies show that NUDE’s Probiotic Technology corrects the signs of ageing by activating cellular renewal by up to 70% and repairing cellular damage by up to 50%.

We are thrilled that the NUDE range is now available on Victoria Health. To highlight a few NUDE essentials as perfect introductions to the range…

Cleansing Facial Oil. A game changing product and our world wide best seller. It instantly and effectively removes makeup, waterproof mascara or longwear lipstick, revealing incredibly soft skin. For all skin types, it nourishes and won’t strip the skin, for an effortlessly smooth complexion.

Replenishing Night Oil. Women instantly fall in love with the results with this overnight facial treatment. It smells terrific, feels incredible and delivers beautifully soft skin. This year it was awarded the highest score ever in the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, scoring a phenomenal 9.65.

Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum. This clinically proven serum uses our Probiotic Technology, Bioactive Peptides and a Complete Hyaluronic Acid System to correct the signs of ageing. Because it is silicone free it has an unbelievably light, beautiful texture and the White Jasmine fragrance is divine. It looks, feels and performs as well as the most expensive, conventional products and caused a real stir at launch by selling out in London and New York in its first week.

All NUDE products are beautiful without parabens, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, propylene glycol, phthalates, GMO, mineral oil and silicones.

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