November Newsletter


Hello and welcome to the November newsletter where, once again, we talk about skincare wardrobes as we celebrate the launch of a new skincare brand, which virtually sold out when we released it to the VH Addicts two weeks ago. We also launch the fourth product in the Ful.Vic.Health series and we do the feedback on the shampoo, conditioner and mist, which kind of blew us away.

Additionally we launch ilapet, which we believe are ‘the perfect remedies for peaceful pooches’ and there are a few treats somewhere below. Shabir takes an in-depth look at joint supplements and he also writes about Moringa Powder. We have a new product from RoadScents, which I love and as ever we have this month’s feature articles, one of which may be a touch controversial, but never mind that, we tell it as it is. Always have, always will. Right, it’s another long one, so let’s do it:

Nannette de Gaspé

As most of you know, I am not given to launching that many skincare brands. I don’t feel the need (for any of us) and of course I am ridiculously fussy about the efficacy and integrity of brands and products. But then this high-end brand fell in front of me and I started to have palpitations. And now I’m obsessed. Please allow me to share my obsession, because if we are going this end of the market, this is the only brand I want to talk about (and list) right now.

When she launched the first ever dry sheet mask in 2016, Nannette de Gaspé was heralded an industry disruptor. Since then she has gone on to launch Miss de Gaspé and the Art of Noir range. In keeping with our philosophy of blending high and low-priced products to target your skin’s needs (skincare wardrobes), we have chosen to champion both ranges.

We are going to start with the ‘Art of Noir’ collection and at this point I would actually use the same words as those on Vogue because I don’t think I could have written a better statement: ‘I am quite into disruptive products. Things that stop you in your tracks when you come across them’. Art of Noir did and does.

The Art of Noir collection presents three distinct product series, each specializing in a specific portion of the skincare beauty ritual. They are Essence Noir, Baume Noir and Science Noir. I am going to begin with the product that literally left me speechless. But speechless for only about one minute because I then started talking to my mirror. OMG. OMG. OMG. I think I am about to collapse. How can such a product even exist. Except it does. My passion overflows.

Essence Noir

Three products specifically curated and formulated to work together in offering the preparation for the Art of Noir skincare ritual. They are Essence Noir Cleanser, Essence Noir Tonic and Essence Noir Polish. Concentre Noir lives at the core of the products, which is an exclusive and proprietary formulation including an infusion of Black Tea ferment, Black Superfruits and Black Tahitian Pearl extracts providing continuous hydration and potent repairing and re-densifying qualities.

Essence Noir Polish: This is the first product from the range that landed on my desk. I didn’t ask for it. It just arrived. It is an exhilarating facial polish which features triple-action physical, chemical and enzymatic properties; it is also loaded with Bamboo and Volcanic Sand extracts, activated Charcoal and Glycolic Acid to collectively help the removal of expired skin cells, refining pores simultaneously. Suitable for all skin types, I can only really describe this an experience never-before-experienced.

Eating all my words up in one go about not often using acids on my skin, I think this could well be my hero product of the range. I’ll base that purely on the fact that I thought my skin had been re-born. Re-born or otherwise, I live in the land of respect. I feel privileged to have and to use this product. Such is its brilliance that I am tempted to use it every day (or night), but I have had to be strict with myself and limit its usage to three times a week. You may wish to do otherwise. We live in a free world.
Essence Noir Polish £75 for 125 ml

Essence Noir Cleanser: It’s deep green and it has a fragrance that I wish I could bottle and spray everywhere. Such is its fabulousness that I stand massaging this cleanser into my skin far longer than I need to, I wish I could sleep in it, but I worry for my sheets.

Anyway, the details. It is a vitamin C cleanser blended with Kakadu Plum extract and detoxifying Brazilian clay. It soothes by virtue of Oat Kernel extracts and Nannette de Gaspé describe it as very rich. Perhaps that could be an understatement. This is the most indulgent and luxurious cleanser I have ever used, and I’ve used and loved a lot. Into my ‘cleanser wardrobe’ it goes. Joyously.
Essence Noir Cleanser £65 for 200 ml

Essence Noir Tonic: I have had an aversion to toners ever since I was a teenager. I absolutely promise you that I haven’t used a toner since I was about 18 after the ‘stripping’ experience at and of that time. I think we should probably leave it there and just say that my head has been turned in a major way because this treatment-based tonic aids in restoring the skin’s natural pH while protecting it from environmental aggressors.

So hello from me to naturally derived fruit acids, Silver Mushroom extract and Beetroot extract. Beyond impressed and after a long absence, I am once again staring at the cotton wool pad. We all do that don’t we?
Essence Noir Tonic £60 for 200 ml

Essence Noir Treating & Cleansing Facial Cloths: Another confession. I don’t like facial wipes. I have never used a facial wipe. I swore I would never write about facial wipes, although we do list a few. And now this. They are black, pitch-black. They help remove all makeup and impurities and then go on to drench the skin with Black Tahitian Pearl, Caviar Lime and White Willow Bark extract.

Swipe one across your skin when it’s late at night and perhaps swipe one across your face when it’s not late, but you feel the need. I am going to feel the need often, most especially when I’m doing long-haul. I refuse to get off a plane looking like a dehydrated prune. At this point I feel that I have had a personality transplant. I must learn ‘never say never’.
Essence Noir Treating & Cleansing Facial Cloths £35 for 30 Cleansing Cloths

Baume Noir

The Baume Noir series features two products, the revolutionary Baume Noir Face and Baume Noir Lips. Both offer deep nourishment and repairing benefits, as well as intensive hydration as above. Each of the two products have been carefully curated and formulated as being complimentary to the Essence Noir series. They are something else, in many ways, let’s do them:

Baume Noir Face: I love firsts and Baume Noir Face is a first. A breakthrough product in global, youth-restoring skincare, it combines a virtually waterless approach using an 80% concentration of 21 active ingredients and emollients formulated to deliver through multiple layers of skin via an ingredient delivery system which is called ‘Biomimetic Micro-Vectorized’. I am not a scientist, so I will just carry on and say that I don’t really mind how it gets delivered, but this lilac-coloured cream feels like velvet and aids in the restructuring and resurfacing of the skin with a soft-focus finish.

Containing the proprietary Concentre Noir, it also includes an array of other ingredients. And it’s £275. Yes. The most expensive skincare product we have ever listed. I was almost frightened to use it, but then unfortunately for Shabir (and when he got there the shelf was bare) my skin immediately responded in the most positive of ways. And now I don’t have much left in the pot. And breathe Shabir, just breathe it through, a little goes a long way if that’s any consolation. Doubt it actually.
Baume Noir Face £275 for 50 ml

Baume Noir Lips: Would you pay £50 for lip balm? I mean I have to ask the question and when I asked Nannette de Gaspé the same question, I was informed that it was one of their bestselling products in the range in America. Well that told me.

Look, I have to say that I do love it and I nearly fell over with excitement when I saw it was black. Black lip balm in an adorable container which lives inside its own little pouch. I started to hallucinate about going out to dinner with loads of people and applying it at the table. I mean I’m really not into doing that kind of thing, but for this I would. I absolutely would because it is a showstopper and it’s better than talking about Brexit surely.

Anyway, the thing is that it is loaded with all wonderful things, including Collagen derivatives and an ooh-la-la cocktail of Omega-rich oils. It can do whatever you need it to do; it’s a plumper, a primer, an instant restorer for dry, damaged lips and I’m now transfixed. It makes me happy to know there are such things in this world. It’s always the little things in life that manage to please me. That’s all.
Baume Noir Lips £50

Science Noir

The Science Noir series represents the tools and technology within the Art of Noir Skincare Collection. The first item being featured is the Roller Noir. There are more products on their way, so I’m told, but for now all I am going to do here is refer you to Victoria’s article on derma-rolling (micro-needling), which is all you really need to know other than I do it.

And it’s black. Of course it’s black and this cosmetic device allows better absorption of all skincare products, but please don’t go mad with it. The urge is great, but all things in moderation, well perhaps not all things, but this certainly. I use it once a week, but you can use it up to three times a week if you must.
VH Editorial: Everything You Need To Know About Derma-Rolling by Victoria Hall; Roller Noir £35

To conclude this section, I wrote most of the above on the Addicts Bulletin two weeks ago. I thought we had it covered with our stock levels, but we hadn’t. Baume Noir Lips went onto a wait list within a few hours, and then the same thing happened with Baume Noir Face and the Dermaroller. All other stock levels were perilously low, but are now (at the time of writing) fully restocked. A crystal ball would be good.

So rock and roll with me because the early feedback is rather sensational, which is a huge relief because it just confirms that I wasn’t hallucinating when I was testing these products. High-end, yes, unashamedly so, but so worth it if you can. I feel like I’m in product heaven. They are a dream come true if you adore the luxurious and I don’t say that lightly or often.

To complete this section, Victoria meets Nannette de Gaspé and I hope you enjoy reading the interview as we move onto and into a revolution.
Meet The Woman Behind Nannette de Gaspé by Victoria Hall

Miss de Gaspé

For those who regularly follow this newsletter, you will know that I love revolutions. Anything that tips the beauty world upside down and inside out is good with me. And so together with Miss de Gaspé I invite you to join the ‘dry mask’ revolution. Invented by Nannette, the fact that I wasn’t there at the beginning of the revolution slightly disturbs me, but never mind that, I’m over it, give me a revolution and I’m there and here.

Let’s talk. These masks are totally dry. Dry means no water to act as a filler. Wet masks are generally 85-90% water and glycerine, often containing between 5-10% of active ingredients, although there are exceptions. The Miss de Gaspé dry masks feature an 83% concentration of active ingredients with no fillers, which means more results. This concentration of actives is dry-printed onto the textile, giving the skin more opportunity to take in the actives. And boy, oh boy, does the skin take it in.

Miss de Gaspé request that we say ‘no’ to gloopy mess and I concur because after using these masks there is no going back for me, with apologies to the wet masks we list. These are on a different level and if you are wondering how on earth a dry mask can deliver such amazing results, trust me, there is no comparison. And it all happens in approximately 15 minutes. And depending on skin type and the condition of your skin, each mask can be used up to five times.

There are three masks in the range and after placing the mask on your face (fixing behind your ears), all you do is gently massage or tap with your fingers for a minute or two to release the ingredients. So here they are, the slightly amended words are from Miss de Gaspé because they do it so well and I want to put my feet up on my desk for a moment or two:

Defy & Drench: Let’s face it, we’re all getting older. As we age, cellular regeneration slows, which leads to a build-up of dead skin cells. This process accelerates as our skin is exposed to the environment, which causes dehydration and a loss of elasticity over time. But who says we can slow down the signs of the ageing process? Keep them guessing about your ages with skin so soft that it’s irresistible to the touch. Note from me: To date, this is the bestselling mask – I wonder why!
Defy & Drench £30

Brighten & Beam: What does a girl do about irritated, stressed and sensitive skin that causes collagen and hyaluronic to break down. This could be contributing to the appearance of a dull and uneven complexion. But we’ve got your back, and this will help your skin shine so bright, some may need to wear shades!
Brighten & Beam £30

Purify & Purge: It can be a scary place out there with billions of particles coming your way. That’s where Miss de Gaspé steps in, your skincare superhero, protecting you from pollutants everywhere. The mission is accomplished in four simple steps: remove, repair, strengthen and protect. Say goodbye to imperfections, clogged pores and build-up and hello to clear, purified and energized skin.
Purify & Purge £30

Vive la révolution.


Wow. What a launch. And at last we have it bottled. The shampoo. The conditioner. The mist. Loaded with Humic-Free Fulvic Acid and powered by Ioniplex, the patented ingredient for Ionicell, which as I wrote last month is still our bestselling supplement of the year.

Formulated for scalp and hair health, the products are primarily targeted for thinning hair and hair loss, although of course everybody can use it and it would appear that most of you are. For that I thank you and I really should learn to keep my mouth shut because I predicted that the Fulvic Acid Mist would be the bestseller and so it was. And then it went out of stock for a few days, but it’s back now.

If you missed what I wrote about the three products, please refer to the October newsletter where you can read all about it. We are saying that you need to allow several weeks to begin to see a real difference, although that said we are already getting amazing feedback which makes us smile rather a lot. And Ionicell. Well, several months ago we said it was the new generation ‘hair, skin and nails’ supplement and the efficacy of this supplement is unquestionable in my humble opinion. So on we go to the fourth product in the Ful.Vic.Health range.
Fulvic Acid Shampoo £25 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Conditioner £25 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Mist £25 for 120 ml; The Fulvic Hair Trio £75 (Fulvic Acid Shampoo; Fulvic Acid Conditioner; Fulvic Acid Mist); Ionicell for Women £20 for 60 Capsules

Fulvic Acid Elixir

Several years ago I wrote that Humic-Free Fulvic Acid was the single-most important health product to be released over the past decade and all these years later I still hold that view, for the next decade too probably. We believe that Fulvic Acid is the missing link in our diets because of its ability to neutralize and balance our bodies on a cellular level.

And so Fulvic Acid Elixir. The liquid alternative to Ionicell (you don’t need to take both), it provides 65+ essential macro and trace minerals to the body to encourage optimum health. As with Ionicell, it is powered by Ioniplex, the clinically validated ionic fulvic acid complex for cellular energy, healthy blood glucose levels and for stronger hair, skin and nails.

We have released the Elixir for several reasons, but primarily it is for those who struggle taking supplements, but there are several other reasons too.  Liquid supplementation absorbs faster than capsules, it heals in the same way as the Fulvic Acid Mist and you can add a drop or two to your skincare for added potency. You can also pour it into your bath, a few drops will do, most especially if you have compromised skin conditions.

Basically, the benefits for health are quite exceptional. By drinking or applying Fulvic Acid Elixir, we are introducing immense healing attributes into and onto our bodies and as such a ‘food’ becomes our medicine. Shabir takes an in-depth look at Humic-Free Fulvic Acid in his article, Fulvic Acid – The Elixir of Life. And it is.
VH Editorial: Fulvic Acid – The Elixir of LifeFulvic Acid Elixir £30 for 480 ml


Can I just say that I completely adore working (is it work?) with Denise Leicester. As many of you know we launched ila-apothecary with her earlier this year and within an inch of launching, Beat The Blues became an iconic product. To say I was excited when Denise told me about this new range for dogs is an understatement. The following from Denise:

‘I have three dogs myself and have been using ila products on them for years. Anxiety separation and loud noises distress my dogs, so I have created these special homeopathic remedies which make such a difference. This special collection will not only calm and relax your dog, but also create a wonderful aroma that is not overpowering, but works with the natural aroma of your dog’

Peaceful Pooches: Peaceful Pooches rescue remedy may be used to calm and relax dogs of all ages in moments of anxiety, separation and restlessness. Place two or three drops on the dog’s tongue or add to their water bowl. Key ingredients include pulsatilla, which allays fear and provides protection; gelsemium which soothes and passiflora which calms frayed nerves and lowers stress levels.
Peaceful Pooches £14.95 for 15 ml

Shampoo and Paw Wash: The Shampoo and Paw Wash is an all-breed shampoo containing natural oils to keep coats clean and free of tangles.  The plant-derived formula and calming essential oil blend help promote a glossy and hydrated coat.  Key ingredients include quillaja, which is an ancient natural cleanser, rose geranium for flea, tick and insect repellent and lavender, which has natural soothing and calming properties.
Shampoo and Paw Wash £19.95 for 200 ml

Doggy Mist: Doggy Mist is a meditative calming spray that relaxes and provides a sweet smelling natural aroma for dogs.  The non-irritant formula absorbs quickly, leaving no marks or greasiness on the fur or skin, allowing the doggy mist to be safe for even the most sensitive skin.  The odour-fighting mist is suitable for all breeds and coat types, including puppies.  Key ingredients include rose hydrolat, which soothes itchy and irritated skin, palo santo to reduce stress and anxiety and rose geranium for flea, tick and insect repellent.
Doggy Mist £19.99 for 30 ml

At the moment all three products are pre-order only, but they will be available within the next four or five days, all things being equal, at which point we will send them out. All products were tested on Tashi, Denise’s dog, who is just about to hit the hall of fame.  I’m wondering what would happen if I used these on Shabir.  I might just try.  Woof.

RoadScents – WakeUpCall

We launched RoadScents earlier this year and I am so happy to introduce you to the latest fragrance in the collection, WakeUpCall. As most you know RoadScents is the brainchild of Tina Gaudoin who also happens to be one of our editorial contributors. Keep it in the family is what I say.

Anyway, WakeUpCall is utterly divine. It has been created as a mood setter for when you jump into your car in the morning and Tina describes it as a fragrance of purpose and direction. It helps sharpen your senses with lavender, orange blossom and vetiver and was inspired by Spanish olives groves and May sunshine (long gone!).

All you do is remove WakeUpCall from its packaging and hang it over your rear-view mirror in the car. The fragrance should linger for 4-6 weeks. The thing is that I hang them all over the place at home. I have a RoadScents ‘tree’ – seriously I do. And I’m so, so happy for the fragrance to waft around my home. Hanging in a wardrobe is good too. And in offices. We are fully scented with WakeUpCall at VH Towers. And smile. And gift.
WakeUpCall by RoadScents £11

Ameliorate: 3 Steps to Smooth Skin

Ameliorate. I have written so many words about this amazing brand since the day we launched it, and now I’m going to write more in the shape of a Limited Edition set.

Once again, I will refer you to Shabir’s article on Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin) and if you haven’t yet tried any of the Ameliorate products, this is the perfect opportunity.

The special edition 3 Steps to Smooth Skin kit contains the Smoothing Body Exfoliant (50 ml), the Nourishing Body Wash (60 ml), the Transforming Body Lotion (50 ml) and the Exfoliating Body Mitt is thrown in as a free gift. We like free gifts. The value of the kit is £32.50, but it’s all yours for £27.50, whilst stocks last. Fabulous skin. Fabulous Ameliorate.
VH Editorial: Treatment of Keratosis Pilaris (Chicken Skin)3 Steps to Smooth Skin £27.50

Before we move on, I just have to say once again how much I adore the Softening Bath Milk. Perhaps that could be an understatement, because I am obsessed. Who knows why I have so many obsessions, I just do and if a product happens to be worth talking about a few hundred times, well I’m just going to carry on talking. I am now adding a few drops of the Fulvic Acid Elixir into my bath as well. Alchemy. Well, yes.
Softening Bath Milk by Ameliorate £19 for 250 ml

An Overview of Joint Supplements

Many people choose to use joint supplements to help ease the pain and discomfort of arthritic joints, but with a wide array of joint supplements on the market it can be a minefield deciding which supplement is correct for you.

The health of our joints has an impact on our quality of life and often determines how active we can be. It is estimated that over 30% of the adult population suffer from some sort of chronic pain, usually associated with the degradation of joints.

Shabir takes a look at some of the most effective natural remedies that may be used to help alleviate pain, improve joint mobility and the health of our joint tissues. The discussion.
VH Editorial: An Overview of Joint SupplementsSuperior Joints £30 for 60 Capsules;

Garden of Wisdom (GoW) For VH

With Vitamin C 23% + Ferulic Acid now completely dominating all beauty products, PHA Plus Serum, released last month, is not too far behind. And then I read the following. It was written by Elle Turner for The Pool and I replicate it here because it is a huge testimony to the brilliance of Markey Martin, founder of GoW, whose generosity in allowing Shabir to formulate alongside her is so very appreciated:

‘I can’t help but love Garden of Wisdom’s unassuming approach to efficacious products that focus on gorgeous, natural (potent) ingredients and pretty much eschew marketing altogether (as evidenced by its almost non-existent social-media presence and ancient-looking website).

It was set up over a decade ago, in Arizona, well ahead of the new wave of affordable beauty crusaders, and has stuck to its simple ethos of investing in ‘top-notch ingredients’ rather than packaging – ‘your skin doesn’t wear pretty bottles and labels’ – ever since. Fact is, the brand doesn’t need to shout about its products because they speak for themselves.

The buzz around it was created largely by its loyal customers, who took to Reddit to sing its praises. It’s now available in the UK from VH and is priced between £9 and £20. You can find everything, from cold-pressed argan oil and hyaluronic acid to multi-peptide serums; however the vegetarian 100% Squalane Oil is particularly brilliant for leaving skin thoroughly hydrated and soft, plus it feels nice and lightweight’.

Elle thank you. Markey thank you for pioneering. And if you want to check out some GoW regimens, Shabir has done all the work for you. I stayed in bed eating grapes and shouting about the products, because Markey has chosen not to. I believe they so deserve to be shouted about, so I’m shouting.
Garden of Wisdom Skincare RegimensVitamin C 23% + Ferulic Acid Serum £10 for 30 ml; PHA Plus Serum £14 for 30 ml; 100% Pure Squalane Oil £9 for 30 ml (No Alcohol; No Silicones; No Fillers; No Boxes; No BS)

Is Moringa Powder The New Superfood?

This is what happened. Shabir was in the bathroom with Trinny a few weeks ago and they were talking about Moringa Powder. But they weren’t only talking about it, Trinny started to eat it. Shabir then got inundated with emails about Moringa, the sales of Moringa shot through the roof and now he has written an article about Moringa.

It has been a decade since Moringa was featured in a documentary and dubbed the most nutritious plant on Earth. The documentary highlighted Moringa’s success in parts of Africa where people who added dried Moringa leaves to their diet overcame malnutrition and hence it was dubbed ‘The Miracle Tree’.

Moringa leaves contain over 90 nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The leaves also contain over 40 different types of antioxidants and a similar quantity of anti-inflammatory compounds. Aside from their rich nutrient profile, Moringa leaves also contain 23% protein, which is the highest ratio of protein found in plants. Additionally, Moringa leaves are a great source of fibre containing roughly 24%.

I have put three links below; one to Shabir and Trinny’s Facebook Live, one to Shabir’s article and the third is to the product that Shabir is recommending and Trinny was eating. Watch her face, she kills me!
VH Editorial: Is Moringa Powder The New Superfood; Shabir and Trinny’s Facebook LiveAduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder £13.99 for 275 grams

Have We Got It All Wrong About Preservatives?

Louise Whitbread takes a look at the evidence. We all have differing views and there are several schools of thought, but this is a hugely interesting read and the debate of natural versus synthetic continues.

It is widely acknowledged that previous considerations on parabens are changing. It also needs to be recognised that in each and every second, parabens are used in hospitals to help prevent us from contamination. So are parabens the big, bad naughty boys and have we got it all wrong about natural preservatives?
Have We Got It All Wrong About Preservatives by Louise Whitbread

iS Clinical

Let’s do iS Clinical. Two new collections with free gifts in both:

Exquisite Essentials Collection: If you have never used iS Clinical, this could be seen as an introductory regimen. It contains Cleansing Complex (60 ml), Youth Eye Complex (15 grams) and Active Serum (3.75 ml). Active Serum remains the hero serum of the range. Always has, always will.

What this actually means is that you are buying Youth Eye Complex and getting the Cleansing Complex (in my cleansing wardrobe and has been since the beginning of time) and Active Serum sample free.
Exquisite Essentials Collection £82

Vibrant Glow Collection: I think this set is aimed at the iS Clinical fan-club. It contains the Cleansing Complex (180 ml), Active Serum (15 ml), Reparative Moisture Emulsion (50 grams) and Neck Perfect Complex (5 grams). In this set you are buying the Reparative Moisture Emulsion and Active Serum and receiving the Cleansing Complex and a sample of Neck Perfect Complex free.
Vibrant Glow Collection £140

My Humpty Dumpty Moment

Well, I wasn’t exactly sitting on a wall, but I had a great fall. As a word of advice, please don’t read your emails when you are walking, which is precisely what I was doing when I fell over. I can’t even blame it on the fact that I was wearing heels, because I wasn’t.

I’m not going to do the details other than I was concussed and there was blood everywhere, most especially from a massive gash on the side of my head. Within 24 hours I also had the biggest black eye. And then it turned purple. Smart.

The reason I am telling you this is because I honestly thought that I would have a huge scar down the side of my face, except one week after the event you wouldn’t know that anything had happened and my skin was clear.

I cleaned the wound with the Fulvic Acid Mist and then applied copious amounts of Sheald Recovery Balm. It saved me. I have always said that there is nothing that comes remotely close to the healing properties of this all-time-hero product, which we launched several years based on its ability to be used on open wounds, which was a first. To call it a miracle product is an understatement.

So basically I just want to hug my LA boyfriends (Bryan Johns and Alec Call of iS Clinical) and say that of all the products we have ever launched (and we’ve launched a lot), Sheald Recovery Balm remains one of the most profound products I have ever written about and I feel privileged to know that it has made a difference to so many people, most especially in helping to lessen scarring after surgery.
Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £43 for 60 ml

Adrenal Stress

Although Shabir wrote this article several years ago, it remains as relevant today as it was then, because adrenal stress is the modern misunderstood syndrome that affects most of us to varying degrees. Stress, whether physical, emotional or environmental, can stimulate a cascade of hormone production by the adrenals, which includes adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol.

At times of stress, the adrenals place a huge demand for the water-soluble B and C vitamins. Both these vitamins are required for the manufacture of anti-stress hormones. Any deficiency in these causes stress in the adrenal glands, themselves resulting in greater amounts of cortisol production. Additionally, vitamins B and C have been shown to directly affect the neurotransmitters in the brain including serotonin and dopamine, which are the nerve calming and mood-elevating hormones.

The Treat: In his article, listed below, Shabir does an in-depth of the supplements he recommends, which includes Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, which is our bestselling supplement to help tackle the symptoms of stress. For a limited time only, whilst stocks last, if you buy Magnolia Rhodiola Complex then we will include Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin C by Terranova (50 Capsules) worth £10.50. This will not show up on your invoice, but will automatically be included in your order. ***Sorry this promotion has now ended***
VH Editorial: Adrenal StressMagnolia Rhodiola Complex £26 for 60 Capsules

Being Nice Is Not A Sign of Weakness

Ending her article ‘Being Nice Is Not A Sign of Weakness’ with a quote from Esther Perel, this month Carolyn Asome discusses many aspects of the above, notably referencing the maxim ‘karma rules’. The quote:

‘The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships. Not on your achievements, not on how smart you are, not on how rich you are, but on the quality of your relationships, which are basically a reflection of your sense of decency, your ability to think of others, your generosity … about how you treated the people around you and how you made them feel’.
Being Nice Is Not A Sign of Weakness by Carolyn Asome

Wild Nutrition

It takes a lot for Shabir to be impressed with supplements and as I am with skincare, he is with supplementation and we choose not to list thousands of brands because it just confuses everybody. But then brands come along that do help make the difference that matters.

Wild Nutrition have a thing about Food-Grown supplementation. Putting a greater emphasis on how nutrients are delivered into your system, they use a unique process in which they add and grow essential nutrients in real, raw food for greater absorption, which means that your body absorbs the nutrients just as they would a piece of fruit or vegetable.

So hello Wild Nutrition and hello to some of their new products, which include the Pregnancy Support Pack, the Fertility Support Pack, the Total Cleanse Support Pack and the Beauty Support Pack.
Wild Nutrition

Sage Complex

This to Shabir: ‘No questions from me, just a rave review. I am 50 and I’ve been taking Sage Complex for a month. Within the first week I was already feeling better: brain fog is gone, mood swings have disappeared and I have a lot more energy. A whole month into this treatment and I’m feeling like my old self. I now realise how poorly I felt before the summer. I didn’t have any hot flushes or night sweats, so I can’t comment on the efficacy of Sage Complex for those. Thank you.’
Sage Complex £25 for 90 Capsules


Loaded onto this section, several new gifts because I suppose I have to mention them somewhere on this newsletter bearing in mind the time of year.

We particularly like Sarah Chapman’s Glow Card, Restitude by Temple Spa, Margaret Dabbs’ Fabulous Cracker, Tutti Candles, Deep Sleep Oil by This Works and the Pearl of Wisdom Bauble by Aromatherapy Associates. But there are more. Check them out because some of them are limited editions.

VH Editorials

I have already written about some of this month’s feature articles, here are the rest. Jo Fairley, the inimitable Ms Fairley, doesn’t give a damn what people think. I’m with her on that one and I promise you when she writes about Caesar Salads, it is all absolutely true! And in her Beauty Bible role, alongside Sarah Stacey, the girls write about Winter body care.
On Not Giving A Damn What People Think by Jo Fairley; Beneath the Layers: Winter Body Care by Beauty Bible

Perdita Nouril is a huge advocate of the Alexander Technique and she tells the reasons why and Arly discloses the wellness formula that helped her heal the past.
Why This Technique is the Best Medicine for New Mums by Perdita Nouril; The Wellness Formula That Helped Me Heal the Past by Detail Oriented Beauty

The End Bit

Should we be opting for reusable sanitary products asks Victoria. Mooncups. Listed.
Should We Be Opting For Reusable Sanitary Products by Victoria Hall, Mooncups £21

The Beauty Restorer Comb. Brilliantly combing out the stress. Much loved.
The Beauty Restorer Comb by Hayo’u £38

Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes. The accolades keep on coming. Banning the bloat and so much more.
Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes £23.25 for 60 Capsules

And so we have come to the end of another newsletter. I will be back next month with the VH Awards, which should prove rather interesting.

In the meantime, and together with Shabir, Victoria, Krishna and the entire VH team, I would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and feedback.

Wishing you much health and happiness for November.

With love

Gill x

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