March: An Update


On Saturday I sent an update to each of you, which you can find on the front of our site if you missed it.

At the end of that update I wrote that I would send further updates if I needed to; and suddenly, within the shortest time, I need to.

As I wrote on that update, since the beginning of VH time we have always recommended taking immunity supplementation from the first day of autumn until the first day of spring, but obviously our advice would now be to continue taking supplementation for the foreseeable future. I also wrote that in and of itself this is creating issues as a global shortage of raw ingredients means we may have to adjust the products we recommend almost on a daily basis.

The demand for all forms of supplementation is unprecedented; there are huge wait lists on many products and it is very difficult to get confirmed dates on anything as we are living in uncertain times.  Through all of this I remain pragmatic, because I know that together we will get through this. So a few things from me:

1:  All orders placed will be processed and sent to you working in strict date and time order.   As I said above, we are unaware when our deliveries will arrive, so please bear with us.  At this time we are not able to honour our next day delivery option because of stock limitations.

2:  Our customer care team is extraordinarily busy, so with the best will in the world, please can you abstain from emailing or calling them to ask about your order; we are using our order lines to help and support the people who really need our help and advice at the moment.  I hope you understand, but we have to prioritise those who need us the most.

3:  I am breaking the habit of a lifetime (well a VH lifetime) and I will not be writing a newsletter next month.  Instead I will be sending out an update with all the latest news, research and developments each Saturday.  ‘The Weekend Read’ just morphed into something else completely and I will be supported by our editorial team with some interesting and uplifting articles, which I hope you enjoy.

4:  Until further notice, we will not be sending out our regular initiatives, including 60 Seconds.  I feel it is inappropriate at this time.

5:  As we receive our deliveries, we will automatically despatch your order, although we know that almost without exception we will not be able to fulfil your entire order if you have ordered several products.  It is important to note that if we are splitting orders, we will not be charging additional P&P charges, although in most cases P&P is not applicable.  Also, and in line with company policy, we will not take any monies from your account until the day we process and send your order.  This means that if you are on a wait list, no monies have been deducted; there will be no refunds because you haven’t been charged.  Keep it simple is what I think.

And through all of this, we have just taken delivery of DermSafe, well the first consignment anyway.  We thought we had it covered, but of course we didn’t and we have another two deliveries scheduled, please let it arrive safely!  As above, we are working in date and time order and we have started to process DermSafe, but it may take a few days to get through all the orders.  All hands on deck, Shabir and I will be in a race to see who can pack the fastest.  He’ll probably win.  I’ll take that!

At this point, I would like to thank Trinny for doing Facebook Live (it’s on the front of our site) with Shabir yesterday morning on her Facebook platform.  Together they were talking about immunity and answering as many questions as they could.  It goes without saying that we are now out of stock of most of the products they spoke about, but you may still wish to add your name to the wait lists knowing that you can of course cancel any time.  I also want to say, that all things being equal, Trinny and Shabir will try to do regular ‘Lives’ as we navigate this together.

I would also like to thank all the manufacturers who are going over and beyond to support us in order that we can support you, but of course with the demand for raw ingredients being so high, their supplies are also limited. We are working alongside them in every moment.

I know how difficult it is for so many of us and I also know how anxious many of you are.  I will be addressing those issues on another day and at a different time, but for the moment I just wanted to update you on the prevailing circumstances. We are all here, we are all doing our utmost and we will continue to do so, even though we haven’t got Daily Immunity (or anything else really).

Jo, in our customer care team, has just told me she needs chocolate; I’ll go and get her some soon!  And literally, I’ve just been told by our shippers that they cannot guarantee any stock arriving from America, heaven help us, I’m about to stockpile the chocolate – I’m joining in.

Finally, I think it’s best if we all hold ‘virtual’ hands and I hope that future missives will go some way in helping to bring us all together.

Please stay safe.

With love

Gill x

The contents of this newsletter are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Any suggestions made are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal direction should be provided by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

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