July Kits

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We love a kit at Beauty Bible – for two very good reasons. One is the obvious travel factor: while we aren’t quite at the stage of sawing toothbrushes in half to make our luggage lighter (apparently backpackers do this regularly!), we do like to lighten the load with travel sizes of some of our favourite products. In many cases, packing ‘kit-sized’ items means we can get away with hand luggage, at least for short-haul.

But secondly, we always love to sample new products (yes, despite the fact that we get sent about three truckloads of stuff to try over the course of a typical year). And a kit is a low-risk way of doing that, letting us/you decide whether to spring for a bigger/ginormous version. You get to sample the smell, the texture – and in some cases, you’ll experience the instant benefits.

Gill is clearly like-minded because we’ve noticed over the past few months that VH has become a bit of a go-to site for kits of all kinds. So this month, with travel in mind (unlikely-but-true, you’ll find Jo glamping at the Port Eliot Literary Festival, while Sarah’s off to the Pyrenees), we bring you Beauty Bible’s edit of our favourite kits available on this site.

de Mamiel Travel Essentials. This is a wonderful intro to the aromatherapeutic delights from Annee de Mamiel, a truly astonishingly gifted therapist who’s been on quite some healing journey of her own, over the years. We are unswervingly devoted to her products, which here include 3ml of the famed Altitude Oil (a must-have for flying, with its antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients); 30ml Botaniques Salvation Body Oil (packed with skin-nurturing rosehip, argan, coconut and baobab oils), and Botaniques Rosey Lip Balm (10ml size), a brilliant in-flight lip protector and nourisher.

This Works Perfect Legs for Everyone. There is now absolutely no reason not to have gorgeous legs the minute you step off the plane, with this – these products will take you from pastry-pale to sun-kissed faster than you can say ‘Richard Branson’. Perfect Legs Skin Miracle (50ml size) has had a place in our hearts (and on our bathroom shelves) since it launched: a skintone-evening serum that goes on silkily, tinting legs with a caramel-based ingredient while nourishing, too. (It washes off, but only with soap and water.) The other product, Perfect Legs Sculpt and Shine (30ml) borrows a trick from the late Princess of Wales, we reckon: she used to put a sweep of shimmer up her shins, to make legs look longer and more sculpted; now there’s this easy-peasy, aromatherapy-scented way to do just that.

Sarah Chapman Jet Set Collection. A complete face-care kit for a l-o-n-g weekend and beyond, this really is a fab, fab, fab intro to some of superfacialist Sarah’s skincare icons – and includes one of our favourite-ever daily SPF products, Skin Insurance (the 10ml is fine for a city break although you’d probably want a larger size if you’re hitting the beach big-time). There’s a really useful 15ml of brilliantly make-up-melting Ultimate Cleanse, two sachets of 3D Moisture Mask (which pump skin full of moisture), and an Overnight Facial (5ml), which is Sarah’s renowned facial oil, much-loved by beauty editors.

Aromatherapy Associates Radiance Essentials. Feel (and smell) like an English rose anywhere in the world with this divinely-scented set. Many of these products have done brilliantly with our Beauty Bible testers over the years, with others recently scooping Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Awards. With products like these it’s no wonder AA (as we like to call them) are going from strength to strength. Close your eyes and breathe the rosy gorgeousness of Renewing Rose Cleanser (30ml), Renewing Rose Body Cream and Renewing Rose Body Wash (both 40ml – jolly useful sizes, those). There’s also a darlingly dinky Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment Oil (3ml), and a two-bath size of Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil, which we love after a long journey for de-discombobulating us.

Margaret Dabbs Fabulous Feet Discovery Kit. Now, when Jo goes on her annual lying-down, battery re-charge holiday to Dubai in the depths of winter, the very first thing she does is book into the Margaret Dabbs Sole Spa there (which is situated – aptly enough – in the shoe department of the Dubai Mall!) If you’re headed elsewhere, this contains much of what you’ll need to get feet sandal-worthy: Hydrating Foot Soak (50ml), Exfoliating Foot Mousse (30ml) – an innovative texture for a foot-buffer – which we like to follow with a generous slathering of Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion (50ml), ‘sealed’ with Intensive Treatment Foot Oil (the kit contains a 30ml size). Just add a glamorous polish, and you can spend the rest of your vacation staring admiringly at your feet as you recline on your lounger. And of course, as we’ve said before and will no doubt repeat again: happy feet make a happy woman.

Then just be sure to tuck a Spacemask in your hand luggage, lie back after take-off and allow it soothe your eyes (and indeed your very soul). As a super-relaxing start to your vacation, it’s right up there with a stiff G&T (and much better for you!).

So wherever you’re going, travel gorgeously – without your beauty essentials hogging half your suitcase.