India Knight reviews the Lixirskin Good Skin Day Shaker

For emergency TLC, this glow-giving formula will plump and de-puff – India Knight


  • I have been meaning to write about Lixirskin for ages. The (French) woman behind the brand is called Colette Haydon. She’s a dermo-chemist — it’s Dr Haydon to you — and was a product developer and consultant for years; she’s responsible for some of the best skincare from various companies over the past 20 years.

    Then in 2017 she decided to launch her own stuff, and for that own stuff to be simple and streamlined, effective and unpretentious. So, for instance, the excellent Universal Emulsion can be used anywhere — face, body, eyes, hands, whatever, on the basis that if a formula is good, then it isn’t only good on one place. The brand seeks to offer a simplification of the beauty business, and really like it. Also, she knows whereof she speaks. It all works. I would also recommend Vitamin C Paste.

    The most recent offering is called Good Skin Day Shaker, and I am going to explain it, because my one criticism (literally the only one) is that the packaging of the various products, while impeccably cool and pleasingly tactile, isn’t explanatory enough.

    So, this little bottle is for help when you’re knackered. It’s like a tiny skin ambulance. What it does is simultaneously plump and depuff, which is pretty darned clever. The bits of your face that are wrinkly and caved-in-looking are, within minutes, tightened and smoothed. Wrinkles recede. The bits that are puffy or baggy, say around your eyes, are suddenly miraculously depuffed. It also adds glow. It makes you look well.

    You wouldn’t use this every day, or at least I wouldn’t, which isn’t to say I wouldn’t like it to come in 2-litre bottles. It’s for when you’re feeling rough and in need of skin TLC, or when there’s some sort of skin emergency. It’s kind of like a turbocharged version of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and its equivalents.

    It will make you look awake and smoothed, perked and radiant. Important note: you can also use it on top of make-up, say if you’ve got an evening event and are looking too knackered for your liking, and are also in too much of a rush to do your make-up again. This will sort you out. You need only two drops for your whole face.

    There’s science: it does two different things because there are two different formulations (or rather a “bi-phasic formula”) in one bottle, sitting on top of each other, hence the need to shake to amalgamate them. But really all you need to know is that it works.

    Also, don’t rub it in, press it in gently instead. This applies to all Lixirskin products and, in my view, to all skincare products that aren’t cleanser, as rubbing tugs at your skin. Pressing is at least as effective and leaves your skin alone. See also madly rough-drying your hair with a towel — instead, wrap it in one so the cuticles aren’t harassed into extra frizz. Anyway: excellent little wonder pot.

    Lixirskin Good Skin Day Shaker, £36

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