How To Keep Cool In The Heatwave


The weatherman has lived up to his promise and temperatures across the UK are rivalling Europe’s. Most of us aren’t sat on a beach, sipping an ice-cold Margarita and watching the waves softly break. Instead, we’re clock watching in stifling offices or hustling with thousands of sweaty, irritable commuters to board a train. All is not lost though, here are some helpful pointers to keep you cool and calm throughout the heatwave…  

Portable air-con

It goes without saying that FanU’s pink and white portable fans, £9.99 each, really come into their own when temperatures rise. They’re small, chic and the rechargeable battery has impressive longevity. 

Mist o’clock

Face mists and water sprays can offer instant relief in a heatwave, especially if you’re savvy enough to keep them in the fridge. One of our all-time favourites is Physicool Rapid Cooling Mist, £12.99, because it does exactly what it says on the label and gives your skin that refreshing, tingly coolness. Don’t just focus on your face, mist it across your decolletage, pulse points and if you can, on your feet. The latter often get forgotten about, but cool feet will help bring down your body temperature.  

Dial down with jade

Good quality jade stone is naturally cool to the touch, which is what makes Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Face Tool, £35, so effective. Lay the tool across your cheeks or forehead to cool down your skin. This is another great product to leave in the fridge if you can to maximise the effect. If the heat has left your face looking puffy, especially in the morning, use the tool to gently massage your cheeks and eye area – you’ll be amazed by the results.

Spritz your SPF

If you’re in-and-out of the sun all day topping up your SPF is essential. Your skin will burn much quicker in this weather. Reapplying a warm, sticky cream might not feel particularly inviting. Instead, opt for a spray sun lotion, such as Coola Eco-Luxe Body Spray, £36, or the brand’s clever Makeup Setting Sunscreen, £39. If you can, put it in the fridge five minutes before you need to reapply so it has a cooling effect on your skin as you mist.

A note on hay fever

High temperatures often mean high pollen counts. If you’ve been suffering with hay fever this year, then it’s worth reading Shabir’s piece on A Hay Fever Remedy For The Family and investing Aller-DMG, £19. It’s also worth noting that the Hayo’u Beauty Restorer is also very handy when it comes to soothing sore, itchy eyes.

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