How to ease travel sickness


Q: My 13-year-old granddaughter suffers badly from travel sickness when flying. What can be done to prevent it?

A: About two thirds of us suffer nausea, vomiting and dizziness, even cold sweats, at some point when travelling. The symptoms are probably caused by conflicting messages to your brain from your inner ear, which senses movement, while your eyes report you are sitting still.

There are several practical things you can do:

Choose a window seat near the front of the plane or beside a wing. There is less motion in these areas and she can focus on the horizon when there is light.

She should not read but listen to music or an audiobook with her eyes closed (a thick mask helps, eg, Bucky Sleep Mask, £16.95, from

Focus the fan above the seat on her face to increase the airflow around her.

Avoid fatty, rich, salty, spicy or acidic foods. Choose plain yoghurt, cereal, crackers and bread. Eat a few hours before takeoff and have frequent snacks in flight. Sip lots of water or
herbal tea, eg, camomile or peppermint.

Nasa astronauts used to take ginger into space. Pharmacist Shabir Daya recommends Lamberts Ginger Capsules (£9.14 for 60, from take one on the day of the flight. She can also suck ginger sweets or sip ginger ale.

Ask the stewardess for a cut lemon to sniff if she feels nauseous.

Sea-bands may be helpful. These acupressure wrist bands press on a relevant point on the inner wrist (£8.25 for two bands, from

For a combination of helpful homeopathic remedies, try Nelsons Travella (£5.10 for 72 tablets, from

the click-to-quit guide to stopping smoking

No one ever said stopping smoking was easy, however much you know the health risks. But our 44-year-old tester Matthew, who smoked ten to 20 a day since the age of 15, found the Quit Smoking
in 7 Days programme developed by hypnotherapist Tim Smale worked for him. Here’s his report…

‘This step-by-step programme uses online interactive cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy streamed on to a computer or mobile device. Each day, you get 20 minutes of video content plus a 20-minute relaxation session. You need to schedule a week when you can really commit to 40 minutes a day and stick to the timing. I wanted to feel more in control of myself. I resented the money I spent and it was getting harder to hide it from our children.

‘I was also shocked to learn how many harmful chemicals there are in cigarettes – including weedkiller.

‘On day one, Tim Smale asked me to examine the reasons I started smoking. At 15 it was peer pressure, trying to look cool and older. As Tim points out, these reasons no longer apply! Now I smoked
mainly out of habit, when I was stressed and/or having a drink. I used to tell myself I needed a cigarette but of course that wasn’t true.

‘Until the final session, you can smoke normally, but Tim asks you to hold the cigarette in the other hand and to do nothing else – no TV , reading, drinking, etc. This turns a subconscious habit into a conscious action at the forefront of your mind.

‘The first six sessions prepare you for a 30-minute hypnosis session on day seven, when Tim instructs your brain to ignore triggers and reminds you how much better you will feel as a nonsmoker and how proud you will be of yourself. I felt quite relieved and good about myself immediately.

‘Two months on, I haven’t lapsed once and feel confident that the addiction has gone. I have survived nights in the pub without wanting to smoke and only think about it occasionally. You can repeat the hypnosis session if you need to but so far I haven’t.’ The Quit Smoking in 7 Days programme costs £129, from

book of the week
Camping by the Waterside (Adlard Coles, £12.99*)

Easter weekend always feels like the start of spring. And what better place for mind, body and spirit than being by water, surfing, yachting swimming or trekking? This guide by award-winning journalist Stephen Neale to the best UK and Ireland campsites will inspire even die-hard non-campers and is perfect for families.

hello sunshine!

Cataracts affect much younger people nowadays due to UV damage. One glamorous tip is always to wear big sunglasses with wide arms on bright days – and ensure children do, too.

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