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  • GOW Vitamin C 23% Serum & Ferulic Acid

    I’m done with the summer sales. Last night I put five frocks in my basket, just because. The worst was a burgundy appliqué strapless mididress that I almost bought. It had been reduced from £900 to £295. Bargain, right? The site said it was my last chance, so of course I swiftly started to type in my credit-card details, but then I realised I have absolutely nowhere to wear it. I’m sorted for my ten (hundred) summer weddings, so I’m panic buying, not practical buying.

    Sales can make you do silly things. That’s why today’s column is dedicated to affordable and brilliant products: ones that work hard without robbing you of your income, that will last for ages, and will give you results.

    Let’s start with Garden of Wisdom. Ignore the flouncy, fluffy name and the dated green website. This Arizona-based brand, dubbed the natural alternative to the Ordinary, is making a name for itself as the go-to skincare range for powerful ingredients without gimmicks and high prices. (You can see why it’s being compared to the Ordinary.) It’s brilliant for sensitive skins as the ingredient list is tiny.

    “There’s absolutely nothing in there that doesn’t need to be,” says the Victoria Health co-founder Shabir Daya of the formulas. What to try: industry experts rave about the Vitamin C Serum 23% & Ferulic Acid for brightening and evening out complexions, and for preventing and treating hyperpigmentation. The favourite for acne-prone skin is Azelaic Acid, which is anti-inflammatory and sloughs away dead skin cells. Use it morning and night after cleansing but before your creams or oils…

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