Fulvic Acid and Livestock Health


Our line utilizes fulvic acid for both hair and skin health and our drinkable Fulphyl fulvic acid formula works from within to heal and renew. We’re constantly amazed by the new information we discover about this miraculous compound. Fulvic acid contains an incredible array of free-radical scavengers, antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes. It is a cell renewer and detoxifier, it helps to strengthen immune systems and balance and restore the body.We know that it is potent remedy not just for our own bodies, but for the soil, plants and animals as well.

Fulvic acid, it seems, is a healer of all living things.

To learn more about this compound, we culled information from various agricultural and animal husbandry studies which further confirm fulvic acid’s potency. In one detailed case study conducted in the Japan, Mr. Tokioka, a poultry farmer with 30 infertile hens, fed his chickens a rice bran mixture fermented with fulvic acid formula. Although the hens had not laid eggs in 3 years, within 3 months of fulvic acid feed, they were all fertile. The eggs produced were rich in taste with a strong yolk. Even more remarkable, the eggs were free of histamine, making them allergy-free.

There have been numerous other recent studies which have shown amazing improvement in livestock when fulvic acid was included in their diets. Cases from all over the globe have reported similar results. In a study conducted on an organic dairy farm in The Netherlands, 4 out of 10 cows were provided with fulvic acid fermented feed. Within two months, these 4 cows showed increased milk production, as well as producing milk which was richer in fats and nutrients. In a recent report in the Research Journal of Animal Sciences, fulvic acid was effective in both enhancing milk production and lowering cholesterol levels in a study conducted on Saanen milking goats.

Other case studies have reported raised immunity levels, renewed fertility, increased appetite and general overall improvement in the health in livestock and pets when given fulvic acid supplements. Positive results are the same for any and all animals, from dog park to the barnyard and creatures big and and small – pigs and pups, emus and earthworms.

When used in hair care, fulvic acid works to maintain keratin supply and encourage a healthy and stable nerve-to-follicle connection, allowing vital keratin to be carried through follicles and out into optimum hair fibers. Our hair helps to draw out toxins such as heavy metals, and when our internal health is in balance, skin, hair and nails play an important role in maintaining our overall health.

But fulvic acid, it seems, is doing much more than just making us feel good and gorgeous. It is remediating the soil, helping our gardens grow and keeping our animals healthy…and oh so happy.

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