Debunking Hair Myths #1


Okay! We are ready to dig in, do our research and set the record straight!

These days there are just far too many myths and rumors about hair care, all floating around in cyberspace, a whole lot of, “do this” and “do not do that”, making it very, very difficult to define the fact from the fiction. To tackle this problem, we’re going to start regular addressing MYTHS on our blog – all the untruths – revealed.

For this first post, we want to start with biggest and most obvious hair care myth, that advice whispered near and far, in salons and barbershops and bathrooms alike – “Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday.”

Chances are, you’ve heard this one before. And there was a moment in time – back in the chemical process-heavy, industrial-made shampoo-era of the past where this may have been true. If your cleansers are full of artificial ingredients which strip and dry and otherwise wreak havoc on your hair, then yes – you probably shouldn’t wash it that often. But these days, we have so many amazing healthy, powerful but gentle, choices, that we can finally ignore, at long last – this antiquated beauty tip.

Here are the facts. No matter where you live, our air is polluted. Toxins, chemicals, and all sorts of other muck floats down from the sky and gets trapped in our hair and sits there, doing mischief to our scalps. Washing daily is actually a GOOD thing in this day and age, especially when you’re washing with an all natural product full of delicious and delightful ingredients.

Phylia de M was created, not to take away all the wonderful things about your hair, but to ADD to them. Washing every day with any of the products in our line will only help your hair, not hurt it. Our core ingredients, a mix of aloe, tannic acids and fulvic acid – help to heal and renew.

And each of our three key products, CleanCondition and Connect, work in conjunction to create a powerful trifecta for cleansing and softening, detoxifying and moisturizing.  Our signature ingredient, Fulphyl (pure fulvic acid), goes gangbusters on lack locks, bringing back luster and shine and kicking all those cells into high growth gear. Washing EVERY DAY, with any of the products in our line will only HELP your hair, not hurt it.

Like your face and body, your hair and scalp will benefit from a daily cleansing, washing away the toxins and the cares.  Plus, in this crazy, mixed up, too busy world, isn’t it nice to have a moment for yourself each day? To cleanse, to renew , to center and to start again?

So wash that hair today folks! It’s good for you!

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