Connect as Facial Mist & Make Up Prep


At about this time, deep in late summer, the heat and daily grime begin to take their toll on our both our hair and our faces. Skin can often become clogged, flushed, or dry in the dog days of August and early September and so we love using our bottle of Connect, as a key tool for our scalp and hair health, but also as a frequent cooling, healing mist for our dehydrated and overheated facial skin.

Connect also offers an amazing way to prep skin in the morning, before and after moisturizing, to provide a moist, clean skin, ready for applying base, foundation, blushers and powders. With its blend of aloe, fulvic and tannic acids, Connect detoxifies skin, helps to unclog pores blocked by sweat and pollution, gently remove dead cells and offer an overall healing and revitalizing of your skin.

Simply spray on face and hair as a hydrating, soothing mist any time of the day or night. In the morning, spray face with Connect after washing and before applying your favourite moisturizer. You can spray face once again after moisturizing, allowing to dry for a moment before applying make-up for a smooth look and feel.

Transformative and repairing, Connect can be used in a wide variety of ways on on face, body, nails, brows and let’s not forget – hair as well! Our hair, skin and nails have similar renewal functions and the Phylia line works for all three!

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