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As I write this it is becoming evident that the lockdown will continue for some time yet.  With the days rolling into weeks and the weeks rolling into months, there is a force for the better good bringing us all even closer and so it was last Sunday evening, Easter Sunday.  At 6 pm, live from Duomo di Milano, Andrea Bocelli gave an evocative solo performance representing a message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world.  It was streamed live on YouTube and it was as if the world stood still for a moment of time.  Music is so often the embodiment of unity and is profoundly healing.  And so are words.

It is in this mode that I write.  As I have said so many times over the years, writing is a huge responsibility and I will take it right to the edge if I have to.  When you make a stand for the truth, there is no fear because nobody can ever argue with the truth.  I wrote something similar last week, but this week we have received numerous emails from several of you who have been frightened by either emails or social media posts, all of which are untrue, but claim to be from authorized sources or from professionals in the medical field. Read More…

Weekend Read


In the words of the late great Bill Withers, ‘we all need somebody to lean on’ and it is in this mode that I need to tell you that the short article, The Goose Formation, which I shared with you last weekend, has now gone viral.  Not a lot could actually make me happier because both the lyrics of ‘Lean On Me’ and the fundamental truth of that article serve to exemplify that we are all in this together.  The truth is raw, truth often is, but there is also one more thing about the truth, it is often simplistic and always profound.  It is in this space that I write this bulletin, with my thanks, as ever, to each of you who have written to me, sharing your thoughts about life; we have a lot to share and a lot to give.

So let’s do this and the first thing I need to do is to bring you up to date on the things I know, which unfortunately isn’t that much.  As I was writing the last Weekend Read, I think I was writing from a different planet.  On that planet I totally forgot that this weekend was Easter and I didn’t realise until it was too late to amend anything.  The knock-on effect is of course that I now don’t expect Daily Immunity to arrive until after the Easter break, but it remains, as things stand, that we will still have enough for each of you, although obviously, in every moment, the wait list increases.  Please don’t shoot the messenger, which would be me, because I’m rather taken by writing weekly and actually I’d quite like to continue this new way of being.
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Weekend Read

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In so many ways this is a collective bulletin, which will become evident as you read the words I’m about to write. It is in this space that I offer the thoughts of so many of us, but as I have said several times before, we live in an ever-changing landscape and it is my duty and responsibility as a ‘key sector’ business to hold us all together in these extraordinarily difficult times.

Last Saturday I mentioned that I was having thoughts of abandoning the monthly newsletter, after an entire VH lifetime of writing them. I have always loved writing the newsletters and in some ways it saddens me because over the years it has served to launch some of the most profound and cutting-edge brands, both in health and beauty. I don’t need to list them, most of you know.

I threw it wide open and asked your opinion and, as ever, you gave it. The overwhelming consensus was to revert to this, The Weekend Read, and so that is what I shall do. Keeping this same format, I will continue to release them each Saturday morning. A word of thanks here to everybody who mailed me; the decision was, as it should be, collective. Once again, I think I have personally responded to each of you and of course it remains an open invitation for each of you to let me know your ongoing thoughts. We are in this together, we always have been. Read More…

Weekend Read


Last Saturday I wrote that I will be sending out weekly bulletins in order to keep each of you fully informed of the ever-changing landscape, relative to each of us, so here it is.  In each and every moment more measures are instigated and yet throughout I still remain pragmatic and determined that we will get through this together.  It is our duty and responsibility to do the best we possibly can, and that is what we shall continue doing.

Earlier this week health stores, both online and bricks and mortar, were classified by the Government as a ‘listed exception’ and it was further confirmed that manufacturers and distribution companies supplying health businesses could also continue to operate, having been designated ‘key sector’ businesses. However, running parallel it remains that there is a critical shortage of raw ingredients and on from that, products. Read More…

Weekend Read


Earlier this week I sent out an update in an attempt to keep each of you fully informed about the ever-changing landscape, relative to each of us.  At that time I wrote that I would be changing the habit of a VH lifetime and I will not be writing a newsletter in the foreseeable future, but would instead send out weekly bulletins.

The first thing I want to do is to say thank you to all those who sent emails and called with words of encouragement, they mean so much because we are of course doing everything we can to help support you with products and guidance at this difficult time.  A call out here to Jonathan of Seed & Bean.  Having written that we all need chocolate, he was on the phone literally within three minutes of receiving my email telling me he was sending chocolate.  Retaining my humour through all of this, I burst out laughing and asked if he was sending chocolate to me or to the world!  Anyway, my thanks. Read More…

March: An Update


On Saturday I sent an update to each of you, which you can find on the front of our site if you missed it.

At the end of that update I wrote that I would send further updates if I needed to; and suddenly, within the shortest time, I need to.

As I wrote on that update, since the beginning of VH time we have always recommended taking immunity supplementation from the first day of autumn until the first day of spring, but obviously our advice would now be to continue taking supplementation for the foreseeable future. I also wrote that in and of itself this is creating issues as a global shortage of raw ingredients means we may have to adjust the products we recommend almost on a daily basis. Read More…