VH Newsletter

September Newsletter 2011


Welcome to the September newsletter where I write about a global exclusive pre-launch from NUDE Skincare, we take a look at why Coconut Oil is trending, we welcome back a product that died, but got itself resurrected and one year after its debut in America, we are finally catching up as we launch the long-awaited Yes to Blueberries in the UK. Additionally, I write about bloating, oral health and the supplement we all need for skin transformation. We get up to speed with our editorial contributors, I put Shabir on ‘The Podium’ (ha, just you wait Shabir!) and I bring you all the latest news, including ‘a happening’ that you will not want to miss, but first a couple of announcements.

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August Newsletter 2011


Welcome to the August newsletter where I introduce you to a whole stash of make-up secrets, high-tech tools and tutorials, which basically means each of us can have pixel-perfect make-up always and forever. We take a look at an innovative peptide tanning collection, I make a call out to our NUDE Skincare customers (er, that would be most of you I guess) and I have something rather wonderful to say about Lulu. Additionally, I give you a sneak preview of things to come, we take a look at some of your feedback and I give thanks and applause to our amazing editorial team. Before we launch into this newsletter, please also take a look at ‘The Podium’ this month, because it is all about something extraordinarily close to my heart and I would like to share this with you. Right, let’s go: Read More…

July Newsletter 2011


Welcome to the July newsletter where the NUDE phenomenon goes on and on, I catapult myself into hair care heaven, which will make you want to ‘shout’ (all will become clear, I promise!), we have a new product from the queen of foot care, the amazing Margaret Dabbs, and Shabir gives us the inside track on fibre. Additionally, we take a look at some rather fabulous feedback, I announce another NUDE skincare treat and straight after that a prize draw on the second section of this newsletter that is so sensational that I would like to win it myself, except I can’t! I am also going to introduce you to our new editorial contributor, so with a lot to get through, let’s go: Read More…

June Newsletter 2011


Welcome to the June newsletter where the main topic of conversation just has to be the launch of NUDE skincare’s Replenishing Night Oil (RNO) on our site. I have never seen anything like it before in the entire history of VH, but records are there to be broken and on the strength of that statement, I have some really exciting NUDE skincare treats for every single one of you, so you need to read this newsletter carefully. Additionally we take a look at some new products from Temple Spa, a new treatment for cold sores from America, a very clever travel product and Shabir gives us the low-down on magnesium. I will also bring you news from the VH Editorial Team and I invite one of the team to step onto The Podium, but before any of that, let’s head straight into our headline story, NUDE skincare: Read More…

May Newsletter 2011


Welcome to the May newsletter where we head towards summer by taking a look at a Swiss suncare range, I introduce you to Golden Delicious (the non-edible kind!), TanGo, the world’s first self-tan removal cloth and I write about lack of libido. Shabir gives us the inside track on HA, I report on the supplement recently featured in The Pharmaceutical Journal and the ever-so-amazing Allison Pearson steps onto ‘The Podium’. Additionally, I bring you all the latest news from the VH Editorial Team and we introduce our new monthly contributor, Margaret Dabbs, as we simultaneously launch her products on our site, which is all rather neat and very exciting. For those amongst us who struggle to relax or sleep, we launch a new outstanding supplement from America, but we begin with an extraordinarily special skincare product, which has been winning awards and smashing records all over the place: Read More…

April Newsletter 2011

VH newsletter April

It’s going to be one of ‘those’ newsletters, I can feel it in my bones, so I welcome you to the April newsletter where we take a look at what is trending in America, we release a whole load of new products, including the much-awaited arrival of Yes To Cucumbers, some pretty outstanding new releases from Life-Mel honey and a new treat from Valerie Beverly Hills. With the hay fever season almost upon us, we recommend the products that really do work, there is a brand tribute from me and we have a very special person on The Podium this month, so please read and share. On top of all of that, we have literally just launched our new site and I can barely contain my excitement as I introduce you to The VH Editorial Team. Finally, there is a cautionary tale from me after I went ‘awol’ for three weeks recently (probably the happiest moments of Shabir’s life) and I have BIG news about HA (my life-saver), so let’s start with that: Read More…