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Gill Meets Annette Luck

Annette Luck

As a long-term sufferer of Keratosis Pilaris, what was the inspiration to create your own product?

Having grown up with KP, and reaching adulthood unable to find a satisfactory answer, I became frustrated with the lack of products on the market to address the problem. Given that 40% of the population have KP, I found it incredible that there was no readily available solution. The more research I did, the more I realised that this was a really common and neglected problem, and many people were desperate for anything that would help. Visits to Dermatologists always ended in disappointment when I was told other than scrubbing and moisturising there was nothing that could be done. When my children developed it, that was the final straw, and I became more and more determined to create a high quality product that would be of real benefit to KP sufferers.

What was the first step you took to formulate AMELIORATE?

I am very lucky as a very good friend of mine owns a skincare manufacturing business that has a global reputation for innovation and a passion for new product development, and we sat down with their team and had a chat! From the outset, they were tremendously enthusiastic and supportive and quickly realised that we had an opportunity to make a ground breaking product that would be the first of its kind in the UK specifically targeted for the management of KP. Read More…

Gill meets Claire Vero


When was Aurelia founded and what was your first ever product?

Aurelia launched in January 2013, after 18 months of research, technology development, formulation testing and selecting just the right blends of essential oils. It was an amazing feeling to see the website go live, to see the first orders coming through and to receive such fantastic feedback! I decided to launch Aurelia with a core capsule range of five key products, they complement each other perfectly and form a simple routine designed to improving skin health and tackle the challenges of age prevention.

What is your background?

I worked for nine years for one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). As a Marketing Director within GSK’s Global Dermatology Centre of Excellence I took a leading role in launching evidence-based technology into markets whilst identifying and considering the varying needs of different skin types around the world. I met a lot of patients with skin concerns that ranged from eczema and psoriasis to those seeking solutions for dry skin, protection from the sun and ageing. Read More…

Gill meets Soapsmith


When was Soapsmith founded and what was your first ever product?

Soapsmith was founded in 2010 but did not start selling until 2012 when we launched in Harrods. We wanted to get the products and the scents absolutely right before launching. Our first product was (not surprisingly) handmade cold process soap made with Shea butter, Cocoa butter, other natural oils such as Olive and Coconut oil. It is soap made the way it was made hundreds of years ago – I love the old artisan way of doing things. The problem is this traditional cold process method produces heat as part of its natural chemical reaction, so it took us ages to come up with scents which stayed strong and true and were not burnt off in the process. With us, the quality and lastability of the scent is something we will never compromise.

What is your background?

Corporate events and Chocolate Fountains. I’ve done events for the likes of Clarins, FCUK, the BBC. Read More…

Gill meets Julie Elliott

Julie Elliott

When was In Fiore founded and what was your first ever product?

In Fiore was founded in 1999. Our first ever product was the body balm. I started blending oils and perfecting our trademark formulation in the mid 90’s. When I finally felt I had arrived at that “this is it” moment I decided it was time to launch my creations. There was nothing like our balms on the market at that time and they quickly developed a cult following.

What is your background?

I delved into oils and blending at a young age. My mother worked for a company in Los Angeles that imported French cosmetics so our cabinets were always brimming with perfumes, tonics, creams, and potions. I was enamored with scent and naturally curious so I started playing with all the textures and applications, re-blending, and making an all-out mess of things. This set the tone, and for the better part of 30 years I’ve been studying various healing modalities including aromatherapy, doctrine of signatures, Ayurveda, homeopathy, flower essences, anthroposophical science, plant alchemy, and energy medicine. Read More…

Gill meets Annee de Mamiel

annee de mamiel

Discovering Botaniques

Following her own health crisis in 1998, Annee de Mamiel could not find a natural, healing product that worked. This re-ignited a passion for mixing and blending, which first appeared with her Barbie perfume maker, aged 7, which led to her starting to blend her own.

As a result Annee began studying Chinese Medicine with the intention of combining ancient Chinese Philosophy with an understanding of Western science. She applied this learning to create a range of treatments which reduce the harsh impact of everyday life on the face by treating the underlying conditions and creating balance and harmony within the body.

Botaniques is the professional, artisanal, healing range from Annee de Mamiel and talking about her range, Annee says: Read More…

Gill meets Get the Gloss

Susannah Taylor and Sarah Vine 8

Gill meets Sarah Vine and Susannah Taylor from Get the Gloss.

Get the Gloss launched in October 2012; how was the idea conceived and what was the inspiration behind the site?

ST: I had a blog called Get the Gloss – I had started it as I had a wealth of experts at my fingertips from my time as Beauty and Health Editor at Vogue and Glamour and I wanted to share these experts online. I then met with Sarah who had a bigger idea for a website that brought inter-active expert advice to the public and she asked me to help build it and be its editor. As I started working on the bigger site it became clear I wouldn’t have time for my blog, so the big site became Get the Gloss. Read More…