The Meeting Place

Gill Meets Colette Haydon

colette working with lixir

What is your background?

I am a doctor in dermo-pharmacy.  I am passionate about the skin and formulating skincare. Over 20 years ago I set up a laboratory in London called Elixir de Beaute.  Together with my team, I formulated hundreds of products for many of the most coveted beauty brands.  I am pretty sure there is at least one in your bathroom.  I stand proud behind them all.

You have created products for brands such as HealGel, Jo Malone, Aromatherapy Associates and REN to name just a few; what has driven you to create your own brand?

Lixir is driven by my skincare and laboratory experience.  My skin beliefs have evolved with time; they are deep, disruptive and controversial.  Above all I want to improve your skin, not wrack your brain. I dedicated my work to the understanding of skin. Read More…

Gill Meets Wayne Goss

wayne goss

What is your background?

I grew up in Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset. I studied exercise and nutrition at university, but after finishing my degree I was so sick of talking about food and movement that I made the decision not to pursue this as a career. At that time I was unsure what I really wanted to do so I took a job working for an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). I stayed for eight years and then I moved to the BBC where I worked across music and makeup. During this time I was on a mission to learn makeup skills and essentially I was self-taught. I endeavoured to work with as many people as I could, but the BBC taught me that media makeup was not for me. I think there is a huge misconception that you suddenly just start working as a makeup artist, but with bills to pay, I still needed to work. Read More…

Gill meets Mattius Hulting


What is your background?

I founded Ramblin’ Brands in 2011 together with my friend and former colleague Peder Wikström, with whom I had worked at Procter & Gamble. We had both spent most of our career working with beauty brands like Sassoon, Wella and SK-II.

Over the years, our careers had taken us to Asia. I spent many years working in Japan while Peder was in Shanghai working for a Swedish cosmetics company. The idea to set up our own company came from late night conversations when visiting each other. We have both always had a passion for innovation, but it was when the idea for Smile Makers came about that we decided to finally do something. Read More…

Gill meets Bryan Johns

Bryan Johns

It has taken seven years to bring Youth Serum to market; why has it taken so long?

We pay very careful attention to market needs. People are becoming more and more intelligent in the realm of skincare and really appreciate products that actually produce changes in the skin. We not only work closely with clinical professionals, we align ourselves with a great many celebrity makeup artists. Makeup artists in particular have been instrumental in helping to bring to our attention the needs of the women in particular. The proper texture, absorption, and performance qualities of a product are extremely important when developing new products. In the case of Youth Serum, we literally started with a “wish list” of desired benefits to guide the creation of the formula.

The Youth Serum wish list included; rapid tightening and smoothing, allow for easy makeup application, long-term wrinkle reduction, application day or night, and the ability to apply on top of other products or makeup and still retain the tightening effect. Read More…

Gill meets Chris Hobson


What led you to create Patchology?

We have been creating innovative transdermal patches since 2007 and have developed a unique expertise around getting active ingredients into and through the skin barrier. Over the same period, we have monitored the evolution of the skin care industry and noted the rise of numerous “cosmeceutical” ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts that have proven efficacy. These ingredients are great, but if they cannot get to the deeper layers of the skin, they just wash off and are ineffective; that is where patch delivery and the unique technologies behind Patchology come in.

What is your background?

As noted above, we have been developing transdermal patches for almost a decade. Our team includes scientists, skin care industry veterans, manufacturing experts and aestheticians.

Who developed the patches?

Our R&D team, led by Michael Jordan, VP of Operations, has developed our existing technologies and continues to innovate and search for advanced technologies to address a wide variety of skin concerns. Read More…

Gill Meets Ken Paves


You are arguably the most recognisable hair stylist in America; Oprah Winfrey has called you the ‘big Kahuna of Hollywood hair’. How did your journey begin?

I used to love working on my Mother and always wanted her to feel beautiful about herself – I realised I had a gift and wanted to do it for other people, too. I grew up in Michigan before, with the full support of my parents, going on to work for Oribe in Miami – I was earning $75 a week and working every single moment. But I loved it. I then went on to work in New York – firstly, in the fashion world, which led on to working with celebrities. I knew with hard work and passion that I could work successfully in the job I love.

On from that, you are dubbed by the media as ‘the hottest hairdresser in Hollywood’ and are Creative Consultant to Color Wow. Can you tell me a little about your role.

I’ve known John (Frieda) and Gail (Federici) for a number of years and they sent me the products to try. I happened to be travelling in Asia with Victoria and her team at the time and everyone was – literally – wow’d! These are incredible products and, when Gail asked if I might work with them as an ambassador, I was honoured. Read More…