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How has cleansing evolved over the past few years?

Cleansing products have become so much more sophisticated, there are no longer just lotions or gels, there are a variety of different cleansers available now such as balms, oils, scrubs, and even water based cleansers. This selection has made consumers much more aware that this as an important step in their skincare routine. We live in a more polluted environment, lifestyles are more challenging for the skin and make-up is designed to be more long lasting so the need for more effective cleansers has risen. With the development of sophisticated textures, skincare companies have also placed more focus on active ingredients so your cleanser no longer just cleans but offers additional benefits for the skin such as anti-ageing, blemish busting and whitening. Cleansing is no longer seen as a quick chore but more of a luxurious ritual that leads to healthier skin. My Ultimate Cleanse is a great example of a modern sophisticated anti-ageing cleanser. I am an advocate of oil based cleansers as they clean without stripping your skin of its own essential natural oils ensuring they are ideal for all skin types. Cleansing oils have the ability to absorb through the skins natural sebum and oil pathways, melting into pores to lift out impurities for a deep but gentle cleanse, which is why my own Ultimate Cleanse is an oil based soufflé balm. Read More…

Five Fast Wellbeing Fixes


Get your body & mind back on track in 2014, with Annee’s advice

If there’s one thing NOT to do in January/February, it’s detox!

After the extra mince pies, pud and stocking chocolates, your system won’t thank you for it. Instead, I simply make an effort to go back to my normal way of eating – nurturing my system with healing hot foods like soups, stews and broths, filled with seasonal vegetables and grains. Once your body is strengthened in this way, it does the job of detoxing itself very efficiently indeed, so there really is no need to go on a hunger strike. Some friends swear by going raw, or sticking to just juice in January, but I think it really puts a strain on the spleen – both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine believe that healing, warm foods are essential to staying healthy during the coldest months, and if you really want to go on a fast, wait until spring, when the warmer weather will aptly support your cleansing system. Read More…

Just Do It


Over the last few years Editor-in-Chief of Get the Gloss ( Susannah Taylor has got properly fit for the first time in her life. Here she talks to Victoria Health about motivating herself when it’s the last thing on earth she feels like doing.

Two years ago I was, quite frankly, knackered. I was working on the launch of and commuting into London (I still do as I live in Oxfordshire) and my children were still only 5 and 3. As I supped my third glass of wine at a dinner party I had a conversation with one of my fittest friends about exercise. She convinced me that moving my body would make me feel more alive, less exhausted, less stressed. The next day, I dragged my weary body out for a run, and literally got only half way down the lane outside our house before I had to stop, gasping for air. My throat hurt so much I told my husband I thought I had tonsillitis (looking back I think it was just a shock to my insides taking so much air in at once). I vowed to myself at that point that I would get fit. How could it not be beneficial? Read More…

Fulvic Acid and Livestock Health


Our line utilizes fulvic acid for both hair and skin health and our drinkable Fulphyl fulvic acid formula works from within to heal and renew. We’re constantly amazed by the new information we discover about this miraculous compound. Fulvic acid contains an incredible array of free-radical scavengers, antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes. It is a cell renewer and detoxifier, it helps to strengthen immune systems and balance and restore the body.We know that it is potent remedy not just for our own bodies, but for the soil, plants and animals as well.

Fulvic acid, it seems, is a healer of all living things.

To learn more about this compound, we culled information from various agricultural and animal husbandry studies which further confirm fulvic acid’s potency. In one detailed case study conducted in the Japan, Mr. Tokioka, a poultry farmer with 30 infertile hens, fed his chickens a rice bran mixture fermented with fulvic acid formula. Read More…

Debunking Hair Myths #1


Okay! We are ready to dig in, do our research and set the record straight!

These days there are just far too many myths and rumors about hair care, all floating around in cyberspace, a whole lot of, “do this” and “do not do that”, making it very, very difficult to define the fact from the fiction. To tackle this problem, we’re going to start regular addressing MYTHS on our blog – all the untruths – revealed.

For this first post, we want to start with biggest and most obvious hair care myth, Read More…

Women of the Year 2013

Dagenham Women of the Year _2702837b

The Dagenham Women are recognised some 40 years on for their efforts to stamp out the equal pay gap

Meet Britain’s true ‘It Girls’ – from Waris Dirie to those Dagenham women

As far as women’s award ceremonies go, there’s only one that stands out on the business calendar: The Women of the Year lunch. It’s one of the rare times a mix of steely Dames, Olympians, bestselling authors, FTSE 100 directors and politicians both laugh and cry in equal measure. Josephine Fairley gives us the low down from yesterday’s invite-only event.

I do feel that the Women of the Year Lunch committee is missing a trick by not going to Kleenex for sponsorship. Because if you think that Dames, Olympians, bestselling authors, überagents, FTSE 100 directors, architects, politicians and magazine editors are too steely to be moved to tears by other women’s tales of bravery, fortitude and general indomitability, you’re dead wrong.

At yesterday’s annual Intercontinental lunch, as ever, it was hankies a-go-go. As Sandi Toksvig, for the last nine years MC (and a woman who manages perfectly to walk the tightrope between hilarity and poignancy as she leads the proceedings) put it: ‘This is an event where women find ourselves laughing and crying in equal measure.’ To wit: the lunch segue-ed from Sandi’s self-deprecating jokes about being the event’s mascot (‘I am also available as a key-fob, life-size’), through to a filmed first-person recollection of Female Genital Mutilation from a Somali girl, as a preface to the presentation of this year’s WoY Campaigning Award to Waris Dirie. Read More…