Herbal Beauty


Wise women were – well, wise about a few things. How to cast love spells. How to predict the weather from the rustling of leaves. And above all, how to transform herbal ingredients into fabulous, skin-saving salves, balms and creams. Beauty technology may have advanced apace, since then: we live, after all, in the age of the cosmeceutical, of nano-tech, of creams inspired by NASA scientists. But personally? Give me herb-powered concoctions, every time. (Albeit a little more glamorously-packaged than you might pick up from your friendly neighbourhood, broomstick-riding crone…)

You don’t have to be an expert – or anything approaching a wise woman – to enjoy the skin- and hair-boosting power of herbs. However, I would say that if you have a particular skin challenge, it might be worth seeing a registered herbalist: herbs are acknowledged in many circles for their efficacy at treating conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and other generally itchy/unsightly conditions – both via herbs applied topically and perhaps taken as tinctures or remedies internally. Read More…

Look Better In Pictures And Feel Better About Yourself


We used to think that a friend of ours – then editor of Tatler – was being so grand when she refused to be photographed before lunchtime. Now we absolutely understand what she meant. One of the commonest causes of those ‘oh, s**t’ moments – when we really feel like we’ve fast-forwarded a decade or two – is seeing ourselves in a hideous snap. ‘Do I really look like that…?’ Well, the answer is not really: in real life, people take in all of you (voice, smile, twinkling eyes) – whereas in a snapshot, it’s so easy to see only your flaws.

So: we believe in positive reinforcement. Remember: it’s possible to take a hideous picture of anyone (think of all those ‘drunken’ celebrity shots which actually caught them mid-blink). But it makes all of us feel better about ourselves if we can glimpse at a photo and go, ‘Actually, not looking so bad…’ Read More…

Eye Bags


The hay fever season, this year, seems to be going on forever – which is just one reason why we get many, many e-mails to about the problem of eye bags.

We know they really, really bother women. More so, in some cases, than lines and wrinkles. (We all develop lines and wrinkles, over time, but not everyone is prey to eye bags.)

So, as a little ‘taster’ of what’s in our book The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, for this month’s VH editorial we thought we’d share with you some of the secrets we’ve learned over – oooh, too many years to count, in the beauty business. Because they really work! Read More…

Gardeners’ Hand Care


Forget the idea that the British are a nation of shopkeepers: everyone knows, of course, that actually we are a nation of gardeners. And much as we’d like to sit in our gardens and enjoy the fruits of our labours, in August, in reality we’re likely to be head-down, bum-up in the borders – with gardening taking its toll on our hands.

Having green fingers is a wonderful thing. But for many of us gardeners, those green fingers tend to be accessorised by rough, dry hands, ragged cuticles and even (dare I say it?) grimy fingernails. (I, for one, am regularly chastised by my manicurist who for nine months of the year, at least, has to put my hands into regular beauty rehab to undo the damage induced by my horticultural hobby.)

If I put my (slightly sandpapery) hand on my heart, then, the advice that follows has a touch of do-as-I-say rather than do-as-I-do about it. But I am at least familiar with the theory of how to have fabulous paws and a fabulous plot, even if I don’t always practice what I preach. Read More…

Give Yourself A Natural Face (And Body) Lift With The Supergreen Diet


As regular readers know, we believe absolutely that beauty has to be a two-way thing: what you put in your body is absolutely 100% as important as what you put on it. This was confirmed to us, yet again, when we recently saw 160 Beauty Bible readers for ‘age-defying’ consultations at Selfridges, as part of our book tour: the ones who took care of themselves (eating well, walking, generally keeping active, not smoking) were the ones who truly glowed…

We swear by this ‘Supergreens Facelift Diet’ – which features (for those of you who haven’t bought your copy yet) in The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. (We are delighted to say that VH is the only place you can get hold of copies that have been signed by both of us!) For anyone who hasn’t yet got the book, here’s a taster – and an easy-to-follow, feel-good diet that (trust us) really does have an amazing effect. At its heart is Sun Chlorella, a supplement which regular Beauty Bible followers will know that we can’t live without, based on advice from Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and nutritionist Nadia Brydon. For the full explanation of why it works, you’ll need to read the book. But meanwhile, here’s the ‘diet’ itself. (Normally hate that word, but as this isn’t about weight-loss, we can tolerate it…!) Read More…