Must-Have Masks


Ancient Egyptians simply smeared mud all over their faces – an effective beauty ritual – but hey, what did they really know about fighting pollution and sun damage…? These days, the ingredients in masks are targeted at specific skin types and all manner of skin woes – from clogged pores to dryness, fine lines to dullness – that your regular daily regime may not address. They’re ‘fast fixes’: good for putting back radiance when skin’s got the ‘blahs’, and personally, I can’t live without them. Read More…

Ditch The Dinge! Scrubs.

Ditch the dinge by Josephine Fairley

Spring may be bursting into life outside – but after a winter of central heating, biting winds and barely a ray of sunlight, skin can look decidedly less-than-vibrant. In fact, unless you’ve managed to squeeze in some winter sun, the chances are that right now, everything that’s been lurking under a vest/cashmere jumper/your Wolford Velvet Deluxes looks – well, rather like something that has been under a stone. Pale. Pasty. Just plain dull. (And, chances are, dry too – because did you know that clothes actually ‘wick’ the moisture from skin…?) Read More…

Spring March 20–June 20, The Cycle.

Annee de Mamiel

Annee de Mamiel is one of the UK’s leading authorities on acupuncture, specialising in facial techniques. Annee’s philosophy is centred on the single Chinese medicinal principle that life is entwined in a series of seasons and cycles. Women age in seven year cycles, whilst for men it is eight years. Without realizing it, our bodies reflect the ebb and flow of energy of the seasons throughout the year. The vibrant fullness of summer contrasts with the need to slowdown in the winter urged on by the cold and dark. Spring allows us to emerge and grow and in the autumn we harvest the fruits and prepare for a new beginning. Read More…

The Dawn Of Beauty Bible … The Birth Of A Legend…!

Victoria Health Beauty Bible

As this is Beauty Bible’s first editorial column on VH, we thought we’d take the opportunity to give you the insider low-down on how we met, what we do – and why we do it.

First: well, we’ll always have Paris… It was there that Sarah ‘proposed’ – well, proposed that the two of us do a beauty book together. We’d known each other ‘on the circuit’ for some time, and become friends. (We cannot pretend it’s unglamorous, this beauty editor lark: if it’s Monday it must be the Plaza Athénée, if it’s Tuesday it must be Claridges, and so on. Luckily, most of us get on like a scented votive on fire.) Read More…