How To Be Very, Very Cool


Personally, I am not a Hot Weather Person (I think I was genetically programmed never to venture further south than Stockholm). So over the years I have tried all sorts of techniques and products which can make me feel cool during hot weather, but which are also useful for anyone of ‘un certain age’ – and experiencing waves of non-weather-related heat (shall we say) from time to time.

I’m also going to share with you some home-made beauty recipes which plunder nature’s more cooling bounty, and which I fine-tuned while I was writing my book The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book, a few years back. Making your own cosmetics is actually far easier than the beauty industry lets on, and when busy-ness allows, I still find it huge fun – especially if I can lasso female teenagers, who seem to find whipping up beauty products at home nothing short of miraculous. Read More…



As the author of a book called The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book, I’m (er) naturally big on ‘green’ beauty. But I’m also big on anything that we can do to look better absolutely for free, and posture definitely comes into that category. Basically, wouldn’t we all love to drop three kilos instantly and look taller? (Yay!) Well, it doesn’t take surgery, or liposuction – because simply improving your posture does that for you. And let’s not forget: posture makes all the difference to how others see us. As Genevieve Antoine Dariaux got it right when she observed in her book Elegance (written in the early 60s): ‘When a woman is trying on clothes, she almost always holds herself beautifully erect in front of the dressing-room mirror. If afterwards she hollows her chest and lets her entire body slump, she should not be surprised to find that her new dress does not look as chic as it did when she tried it on in the shop…’ Hmm.
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NUDE Skincare


Ali Hewson and I created NUDE Skincare in 2005 after a famous lunch in Dublin with Ali and her husband Bono.

The idea for NUDE came from my experiences running the organic food stores Fresh & Wild across London. Over my career I had been encouraging people to eat foods that improved the way their bodies work, and as the skin is the largest organ of the body, I think it makes sense to feed it well. My understanding of nutrition and wellbeing is that is crazy to put synthetic, artificial ingredients in, or on, your body.

My customers shared my philosophy, and wanted the best organic food, were very motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and were mad into yoga and supplements. However, when it came to beauty, I felt the modern woman was skeptical that natural skincare actually worked. Hence they were going into Space NK and Selfridges and buying Crème de la Mer for their skin. Women were avoiding natural skincare because, while they understood that it was good for them and their skin, it wouldn’t tackle wrinkles or deliver any of the anti-ageing benefits that conventional skincare would.
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Must-Have Masks


Ancient Egyptians simply smeared mud all over their faces – an effective beauty ritual – but hey, what did they really know about fighting pollution and sun damage…? These days, the ingredients in masks are targeted at specific skin types and all manner of skin woes – from clogged pores to dryness, fine lines to dullness – that your regular daily regime may not address. They’re ‘fast fixes’: good for putting back radiance when skin’s got the ‘blahs’, and personally, I can’t live without them. Read More…