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The Glam Guide to Spring

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I always feel a bit penned in towards the end of March. Spring hasn’t quite arrived on our doorsteps and, feeling cooped up after what seems like months of snow, sleet and rain, I like to make a list of all the places I’ll visit when the sun comes out. A Little Glamorous Black Book of places to see and things to do. This May (and YES Spring has finally arrived!) I, the Headline Colors Spy, shall be taking my new collection of SS13 Headline Colors out with me. So here it is – my definite list of things to point your brightly colored fingertips at this season:


This year marks what would have been the 100th birthday of the “father” of modern fashion photography, Norman Parkinson. To celebrate, the National Theatre is exhibiting a collection of his life work stretching from his war time photography to his later iconic images of beauty icon, Jerry Hall and David Bowie. The vibrant colors in his later photographs are inspiring to say the least – my favorite image is the Girl in the Red Hat – a model sporting a rich red beret and a soft focus, matching red lip (if you could see her nails no doubt they would be painted elegantly in Catwalk!) As for Jerry Hall, well, she would never have been seen dead without a matching red nail and lip in the ‘70s.

Poolside Party:

Coachella, the last word in music festival chic, obviously screams out for a little Poolside Party nails – no better way to cool off an outfit than with some aqua tipped toes peeking through your Miu Miu sandals. You will be the envy of Kirsten, Alexa & Grimmy – no need for VIP tickets (although that would be fun too!) Can’t take the heat (or perhaps more realistically, can’t take the time off…)? Don’t panic – I have a list of stay home London music events that Poolside Party would be the perfect companion to. Snap up your tickets to the see the Electro Swing Correspondents at the Brixton Jam, the annual carnival in South London on 27th April. The lead singer, who I met gigging in Chamonix last month, is notorious for his wild and obscure outfits – turquoise blue fingernails certainly won’t be too much for him! Read More…

Behind the Scenes with the Headline Colors Spy


The past month may have been a cold, snowy, rainy one but we certainly weren’t hibernating here at Headline Colors. Not even a blizzard could put a hold on the major event that was London Fashion Week. As editors were being piggybacked through the snow in New York, we were getting our newest samples (and our outfits!) ready for five days of fashion madness here in London. My mission was to nose out the next big trends for our Autumn/Winter collection. I was looking for the colours that are going to make headlines.

The word on the “fashion” street was that the hottest shows in London were going to be Mary Katrantzou, Thomas Tait and Christopher Kane – and they didn’t disappoint. The billowing fabrics at Mary Katrantzou were laced at the hem with winter landscapes and uber hairstylist Eugene Souleiman had crafted the hair into chic architectural ponytails and attached graphic hand cut fringes high on the models’ foreheads. Blues, greys, lilacs and mink taupes were Mary’s colour palette of choice. Thomas Tait conjured up the coolest combination of street chic and high tech sportswear against the backdrop of a multi-story car park in St James. Fake smoke and neon lights filled the concrete space as the models marched down the runway in flat sandals. Makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver kept the skin glossy with the smallest fleck of a camel cream shadow on the eyelids.

The buzz was really humming backstage at Giles where fashion icon Kristen McMenamy opened the show and was the designer’s inspiration, her white blonde hair flowing almost down to her waist. A pale foundation shade of nail (not unlike our own Headline Colors Centerfold) was painted on by nail technician Marian Newman and Lucia Pieroni created beautiful hollowed eye sockets to make the girls look like they hadn’t slept.

Arriving 20 minutes early to the JW Anderson show at Tate Modern, I headed upstairs to grab a much needed coffee and a quick look around the press viewing of the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition. Unconvinced by Pop Art in the past, I emerged from the year’s most talked about exhibition a total convert. The intelligence in the way that Lichtenstein deconstructs an image and then rebuilds it in his own form of pointillism is endlessly fascinating and intriguing. Not to mention those colours – that cherry red (a perfect match for Headline Colors Catwalk) and the bold yellow stand out but there was also a huge amount of green and teal blue in his paintings and prints that certainly inspired much of the global fashion week teams. Read More…

Headline Colors


Shhh… I’m the Headline Colors Spy!

I doubt there are many undercover agents who can boast perfectly manicured fingernails as part of their job description. Admittedly I am fortunate enough not to have to scale any buildings or manoeuvre any car chases, which makes keeping them pristine somewhat easier! Instead of bad guys and illegal operations the things I spy on are a little closer to hand (excuse the pun…)

At Headline Colors HQ my role is to feed our founders with the latest trends from the worlds of fashion and culture. I am the Headline Colors Spy – the secret reporter on the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to fashion and beauty. My aim is to follow so closely in the footsteps of the industry that I bring you the coolest micro trends alongside the insider fashion forecasts. In essence I do all the hard work for you – after all nothing complements a designer outfit better than designer nails!

We launched our first capsule collection of five nail shades last autumn taking our lead from the jewel bright blues and pewter greys of the AW12 fashion week shows. I followed nail artists, designers and models from New York to Paris reporting the colour palettes that looked set to capture the attention of the fashionistas from Bond Street to Beverly Hills.

Headline Colors have so far been road tested by creatives and trendsetters alike including uber make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury and the goddess of all manicurists, Marian Newman. Nail technician Trish Lomax sampled our Spring 2013 collection behind the scenes at a Vogue photo shoot and I can’t seem to stop certain top models from pinching bottles of Headline Colors from my handbag!

I have spent the last six months taking inspiration from a multitude of different sources and without giving it all away I want to tell you a little bit about what to expect… Read More…