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Start With Skincare

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Skin is the biggest organ in the body and a vital defence against invading infections, pollutants and stressors from the outside world. Our faces are the most obvious visible representation of skin health and have a profound effect on us, both from a physical and psychological point of view – after all our faces are the first thing other people notice about us (and we look at them every day in the mirror). So, top to toe, our skin needs lots of TLC and looking after our complexions is vital – not vanity as our mothers/grandmothers tended to cluck when we were younger….

This week sees the publication of a new book called Start with Skincare, written by Alice Hart-Davis, founder of The Tweakments Guide. It’s sub-titled What you really need to know about looking after your skin – and, quite simply, that’s what it is. Jo Fairley and I have been beauty and health editors for over 30 years apiece and, hand on heart, this is the most comprehensive – and crucially most readable – book we’ve ever read. It’ll save you a bundle too, by helping you to choose the best skincare for your complexion. (Like us, Alice is a fan of Garden of Wisdom, by the way.) Read More…

Nobody’s Perfect


Every cloud has a silver lining, they say – and for those of us at Beauty Bible, it is seeing how everyone’s gone au naturel, in the past few weeks. Google ‘bare-faced celebrity’ and you can marvel at an unrecognisable Drew Barrymore (we spot a grey hair at that parting, along with the manicure-free nails), an equally low-key (yet so pretty) Kate Hudson, and – our favourite – Jessica Chastain, without a single swipe of make-up and looking more beautiful (and definitely more relaxed) than we’ve ever seen her. Away from the red carpet, in the comfort of their own bedrooms or living rooms or kitchens, they’ve been free to let their hair down. (Roots ‘n’ all.)

Part of that, of course, is simply that actresses can’t rock up to their derms for Botox jabs, models are suddenly required do their own make-up/hair (and probably don’t know how), and everyone (including us) is mourning regular hairdressing appointments. But we think it goes deeper than that: an actual seismic shift which comes down to: ‘I’m happy to be alive. That’s more important than looking flawless.’ Read More…

TLC for Hands

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Poor, poor hands. Have they ever taken such a battering? Assaulted by the alcohol in most sanitisers, washed for a total of minutes a day while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice over, under our breaths. (Personally, we really wish someone would come up with an alternative to that which is the requisite 20 seconds long, or forever more when we wish someone Many Happy Returns as we head in their direction carrying a large cake, we’re going to be thinking of the corona-nightmare.)

Handcare might seem pretty low down the list of priorities right now, when we’re fretting about so many other ‘bigger’ issues. But with hands at risk of becoming so dry that they get papery and even cracked, that’s really not good news, either. Cracked skin can become infected skin – red, sore (and as we all know from a mere paper cut) the number of nerve endings in our wonderfully dextrous, gloriously sensitive hands means that the pain of any cut or hand injury seems way out of proportion to its size. (And besides, aesthetically, does anyone really want hands that feel like sandpaper…?) Read More…

The Beauty Bible Awards 2020: Five Of The Best

Beauty Bible Awards 2020

We could be forgiven for having a bit of a lie-down at Beauty Bible – because we’ve just unveiled the winners across 100+ categories of product, trialled by REAL women in REAL time to help our readers find products that REALLY work. (Sorry for the shout-y capitals, but we’re feeling a bit over-excited!) It’s been our mission, for 24 years now, to help women take a short-cut to products that really work – and it comes as no surprise to us that many, many of the Award-winners can be found right here on VH, because Gill (like us) knows a good thing when she sees (and sniffs) something.

As a little taster of the results, we thought we’d share five of the top-scoring products – all of which feature on VH. And don’t take our word for their fabulousness – because the comments say everything. Read More…

Make Up For Grown Ups

make up brush with glitter on light pink background

It used to be so easy: slap on any old rainbow colours, all the shimmer you like, get away without wearing any foundation because your skin’s naturally lovely (barring the odd blemish). Result: gorgeous. Of course, it still pretty much is that easy, if you’re under about thirty. Then definitely by thirty-five, it all starts to change. The ‘canvas’ isn’t so smooth, and gravity kicks in (especially on eyelids). Read More…

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

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We love a New Year. A completely clean sheet of paper – even more so, with a new decade ahead of us. (Sarah never drinks, but that’s why you also won’t find Jo indulging in more than a sip of Champagne on New Year’s Eve. Why would you want to start a new year, or a new ten-year phase, feeling rubbish…? We’d rather get up and at ‘em, Hoovering under the bed and heading outdoors for lungfuls of fresh, cleansing air.)

New Year is famously a time of re-evaluation – casting off the old, embracing the new. A time of good intentions – but also, of realistic goals, because otherwise it’s just too easy to ‘break’resolutions and write off the next 363 days. Instead, we think resolutions should be like horse-riding: you fall off (which Sarah has done spectacularly on at least one occasion), and you get back on again. Read More…