The Big Leg Up: 7 Ways To Achieve Perfect Pins


As much as the possibility of delving into our summer wardrobes excites us, revealing our legs after a year of hibernation is quite frankly, a pretty terrifying one.

So to make the transition a little easier, we’ve collated the best fitness tips and products around for giving pins the perfect pick-me-up come skirts, shorts or swimwear this summer.

In Fiore Firmante Elevating Leg Tonic

We might be in the midst of Project Bikini on Get The Gloss at the moment, however in between workouts we’ll be treating legs to this soothing elixir to add an extra edge in the fight against cellulite. Containing cypress oil and black spruce to increase blood flow and flush out toxins, it is also said to fortify capillaries and oxygenate the tissue it is applied to. We’re sold.
Firmante Elevating Leg Tonic £75

Long and Lean Fitness Tips

To help legs achieve that long and lean look seen on many a magazine cover, forget the hefty gym membership fee, all you need is a yoga mat, a chair and a banister or door handle. We kid you not.

We teamed up with top personal trainer Christina Howells to create our very own Long, Lean Body Workout on the site and would recommend this move to work the bum and entire muscular structure of the legs and also challenge coordination, balance and flexibility:

Position: Stand in a slightly pigeon-toed position. Your right foot is turned out and your left foot is turned inwards towards the right toes. Your knees will come together as you send the hips back and down to sit deep into the left glute. Hands are clasped together in front of your chest.

Action: From the deep squat position place your weight into the right heel and dynamical propel your bodyweight upwards as you step the left leg open into a deep plié squat. The toes are turned out and your stance is wide. Allow the hips to drop below the knees.

Springing off the left foot, return to the pigeon toe squat and repeat.

Repeat 8-12 times each side

Hot Body Tip: Keep the weight in your heels to really activate the glutes.

The Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt

Regular body brushing is genuinely said to eliminate toxins and boost blood flow, therefore diminishing the appearance of cellulite. This must-have shower companion will rival your loofah, smooth skin and buff dead skin cells into oblivion.
Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt £19.95


Short on time but want the benefits of a full workout? Try high intensity interval training: the best methods that we’ve found for getting the most out of your training sessions in the quickest time possible.

Comprising of short, sharp bursts of exercise with short recovery periods, we recently created a high intensity booster programme with top personal trainer Christina Howells and sportswear designer Charli Cohen, which can be done 2-3 times per week.

From single knee lifts to super stepping to high hops and twisters, the exercises demonstrated are challenging but effective, to help target and tone legs, maintain lean muscle tissue and help boost your fat burning potential post-workout too.

Try the ‘Sprint 123, Touch 123’ – sprint for three quick steps, crouch and touch the ground. Stop and repeat the other way. Repeat. Jog or power walk for two minutes.

The Body Lift by Sarah Chapman

Taking the benefits of one of Sarah Chapman’s infamous facials from face to body, this clever tool helps to drain toxins and reduce puffiness courtesy of its 12 rolling heads and 72 massaging nodules. Simply roll over thighs, buttocks and calves after a shower to help smooth and tone areas which are still feeling a little ‘wobbly’ post-workout and are in need of a little extra attention ahead of bikini season.
The Body Lift by Sarah Chapman £28

Botaniques Restoration Body Serum by de Mamiel

On days when creams alone won’t do, this nourishing, heavenly-scented serum will turn the most lizard-like of limbs back to their silky best. Lightweight but nourishing, the oil also contains sea buckthorn, prickly pear and baobab with a scent that energises the mind and dispels lethargy.
Restoration Body Serum by de Mamiel £49

Consciously Eat Your Way Slim

In order to make noticeable strides towards your fitness goals, what you eat is as, if not more important than what you do at the gym. With that in mind, we asked nutritional therapist Amelia Freer to devise a bikini diet plan that would fit into the most hectic of lifestyles to help curb cravings and keep us fuller for longer. However, whether or not you stick to it depends on addressing your relationship with food from the get-go and confronting your main downfall when it comes to healthy eating, whether that’s lack of willpower or stress and anxiety.

“If any of this feels familiar to you,” says Amelia, “Then it’s time to start a food and mood diary. I honestly find this is the very best tool in helping my clients to become more engaged and conscious about how they use food. I can tell you all what to eat and what not to eat; but that simply doesn’t cut it in my experience.

“We must all connect with our food habits first. It doesn’t have to be anything flashy or complicated, use your phone to take pictures of everything you eat and make a note of how you feel when making that food choice. Or buy a notebook and jot it down, whatever is going on in the day, how you are feeling and how you may wish to turn to food to avoid or manage the situation.

“There will always be times that we get caught out, unprepared, and lean to lesser healthy food choices, but there are so many times that this is avoidable by taking charge and getting in touch with the root cause of your eating habits.”

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