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As regular readers of our website know, there’s lots, lots, lots that Beauty Bible Loves at Victoria Health. That’s because our product sleuth friend Gill often introduces us to fab new brands to be found on VH’s shelves. (Sometimes, if we’re really lucky, when we’re all wearing tiaras and having a cuppa. Yes, honesty.) Other times, we’ve been known to point Gill herself – who we’ve in the past (accurately) described as the Indiana Jones of the beauty world – in the direction of ranges which have crossed Beauty Bible’s paths which we think she’d be rather taken with. We share the belief that products need to smell and feel fab, be made with integrity – and always, deliver on their promises.

We thought it was time, then, to do seasonal round-up – or ‘curation’, if you want to use the new buzzword! – of the available-at-VH products which have most impressed Team Beauty Bible, lately…

Temple Spa Body Truffle

Here’s the thing about being a beauty editor: with so many products landing on our desk, we occasionally need reminding of old favourites. Happily, the lovely people at Temple Spa did just that quite recently, via an ‘open day’ at which they displayed all their hero products, while introducing us to something Top Secret (and fabulous) which you’ll have to watch this space for.

It reminded us of how amazingly the original (and fabulous) Skin Truffle did in our anti-ageing trials: the highest-scoring ‘miracle treatment’ we’ve ever tested at Beauty Bible. But it also introduced us to a product which somehow had never before penetrated our consciousness: the utterly luscious, heaven-to-apply, instantly-skin-improving, luxurious, indulgent, gorgeously-scented Temple Spa Body Truffle. (We could go on with the superlatives.)

Sure, this is a major indulgence (notwithstanding the generous size of jar) – but this reflects the luxe ingredients, which include black summer truffles, cashmere, rose quartz, Champagne, silk and gold. (Which leaves a stunning slightly shimmering finish that improves the look of skin from first application.) A tub is now sitting on our bedside table for before-bedtime slathering. Long-term, we’re expecting real skin improvements from this heaven-to-use, whipped-buttery cream – but in the short term? Just because something’s not brand new, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth discovering.
Temple Spa Skin Truffle Body Truffle £60 for 150 ml

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lip Enhancer

This double-ended tube of lip goodness has most definitely made its way into our handbags. A dual-phase product, it’s basically two tubes of product, back-to-back.

First up, a smoothing ‘lip filler’ packed with hyaluronic spheres, vitamin A glorying in the name of Neodermyl®: this is your plumping lip ‘base’, designed to work on volume over time.

Then the fun bit: a lovely, comfy balm which goes on clear and then magically adjusts to a flattering-for-you lip tone with a soft sheen. In years gone by we tried self-adjusting lipsticks which worked a bit like this but this goes beyond the mere cosmetic, delivering nourishing ingredients alongside that rosebud pout, including baobab and Abyssinian oils, cocoa and shea butters, blackcurrant and sweet almond oils and yet more ‘filling’spheres of goodness.

Does it work, longer term, to ‘de-age’ lips? Too soon to tell – but we’re really, really enjoying finding out.
Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lip Enhancer £29

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Botanical Cream Deodorant

And now for something a little unusual from this ‘rising star’ British brand, which has so impressed our Beauty Bible testers in the past few years.

What is a ‘cream deodorant’? Well, imagine moisturising your armpits. No, seriously; that’s what this feels like. A lightly botanically-scented product – it features lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus – you massage this into your pits (around half a pea-sized amount, per armpit), each morning.

It doesn’t stop major sweat, but it does deodorise brilliantly (and certainly at this time of year, that’s all many of us need.)
Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Botanical Cream Deodorant £18 for 50 grams

Annee de Mamiel Atmosphériques Skincare

Do you give much thought to how pollution affects your skin? No? Well, happily, Annee de Mamiel – best known till now for her amazing facials and her aromatherapy expertise and products (including the bestselling Altitude Oil) – does.

She’s looked in-depth at modern life challenges like electronic ‘smog’(from our WiFi-linked devices), the effect on skin elasticity of holding a phone close to your face, and of High-energy Visible Rays (HEV) from the screens we work at. Bottom line, Annee explains, is that they all ‘occlude the skin’s ability to breathe and function optimally. Like a dirty window, the skin gets blocked, causing sensitivity, inflammation, lack of moisture and radiance and ultimately, premature ageing.’

The trio of products in her new collection, then, contain a slew of ingredients specifically to protect and regenerate damaged skin, along with anti-inflammatory phytonutrients (and a drop or two of Annee’s beloved flower essences, for good measure).

First up, there’s Pure Calm Cleansing Dew, a botanical-rich oil-to-milk cleanser with 14 organic herbs, ferulic acid and a blend of blackcurrant seed and sunflower oils. Next, the Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir, which Annee suggests you ritually smooth into palms and b-r-e-a-t-h-e before massaging the ‘super serum’ into skin.

Possibly our favourite product of all, though, is silky-textured Exhale Daily Hydration Nectar SPF30, which not only smells great (they all do), is packed with healing and protective herbs (like nettle, elderflower, yarrow, calendula, arnica and more), but is both lightly tinted – so evening out skintone – and packs an SPF30. And it sure beats moving to a remote island and living off-grid…
Annee de Mamiel Atmosphériques Skincare; Pure Calm Cleansing Dew £50 for 100 ml; Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir £80 for 30 ml

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