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This editorial is written by the Beauty Bible team, lying down with cold flannels on our foreheads. (Who says women can’t multi-task?) Because we just unveiled the winners of the 2017/2018 Beauty Bible Awards – and it’s all a bit epic! (Gill and Shabir were among the throng of journalists and brands who joined us at Grace Belgravia for the Gold Awards celebrations.)

It’s our 21st year of doing these. But the system’s the same. We hand-pick teams of ten women who share the same beauty concerns – from lines and wrinkles to cellulite via age spots, eye bags, whatever. Products that will suit that team of ten are then also hand-picked (and we mean this literally), to ensure that every tester gets suitable products – and every brand gets its best chance of putting on a good show. And every time, we’re blown away again – by the stellar scores, and by how consistent the testers’ scores and comments are.

As you’d expect, many, many of the winning products can be found here – so we thought we’d give you a flavour or our testers’ comments on just some of the Beauty Bible Gold Award-winners which are showcased right here. Six of the best, for sure…

Temple Spa Body Truffle

The lesser-known ‘little sister’ product to Skin Truffle, which won Best Miracle Treatment in a previous round of Beauty Bible testing. Time for Body Truffle to have its moment of well-deserved glory!

‘I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS! An absolutely fabulous 10/10; without a doubt my favourite body product ever. Having had a baby two months ago I was in desperate need of some TLC and it came in heaps with this beautiful pot of magic!’ • The most decadent cream to use; the smooth whipped cream texture just glides on to the skin and is absorbed very quickly. It left a shimmering finish and such soft skin right away. After three days I noticed a huge improvement in my dry skin, especially on my very dry arms and legs – I was dubious it would make such a big difference but really happy when it proved me wrong and transformed my body skin’ • ‘My legs were so dry, they often became quite flaky and sore – but the continued use of the cream really helped to heal and soften the skin’ • ‘I love the divine fresh-clean fragrance, which has a hint of rose’ • ‘After three days of application, my skin was smooth and plumped, rejuvenated and radiant – as if I had been to a spa and indulged in moisturising body massages’ • Gave a feeling of luxury that made heading for the bath more interesting than whatever was on TV, even with the log fire lit…’
Temple Spa Body Truffle £60 for 150ml

Temple Spa Exalt

Not only Jo’s longstanding fave neck product, but this luscious cream-gel also blew our testers away…

‘Wow – I loved his and I can truly say that it’s one of the very first beauty products that does exactly what it says on the tin. After two weeks I noticed a real difference in crêpiness’ • ‘An improvement straight away, which is confirmed by a photo I took before and after. After two weeks, there was a bit improvement in fine lines, crêpiness and dryness. By the end of the trial, my neck has fewer lines and looks a lot younger. You only need a tiny amount so it will last ages’ • The morning after I first used it, my neck was less crêpe-y and the effect lasted for hours. After two weeks, I absolutely saw a difference in fine lines, dryness and crêpiness – my neck just looks younger and smoother. Best neck product I’ve used in terms of pleasure of using and results’ • ‘I had kinda given up thinking that I could make any real difference to my neck and décolleté. This is the first product that I have used on this area that has made a visible difference. My skin looks firmer and would love to have this as my regular neck treatment product. It has given me faith that is it never too late and that I am not too old to see an improvement.’
Temple Spa Exalt £40 for 50ml

Aurelia Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream

An incredibly high score for this entry from Aurelia, who (along with Temple Spa and This Works) have many winners in this round of Awards.

10/10. This hand cream is superb and wonderful. Expensive but worth it and I loved it. Creamy but non-greasy, sank in quickly, amazing fragrance, very hydrating, made hands look softer, smoother and brighter’ • ‘Loved this cream! I work in a lab and wash my hands a lot and have given this cream a thorough testing at work – it’s done a fantastic job. My colleagues love it too and commented on the aromatherapy-ish lovely fragrance’ • ‘Backs of hands smoother and less wrinkly, skin hydrated and supple’ • ‘I have very dry skin, nails and cuticles so have to use hand cream constantly to make them look and feel comfortable. This cream took away the dry, tight feeling and made my cuticles look nourished and much softer, the white flaky skin around them disappeared and even my nails looked in better condition’ • ‘Beautifully aromatic and the fragrance really makes a difference to the enjoyment factor and desire to use the product. Hands felt like they had a layer of protection. An all-round beautiful product’ • ‘It’s been marvellous on my nails and the dry skin I get around my thumbnails that I used to pick at. I’m using it regularly and my hands finally look loved, softer, less dry and wrinkly – certainly younger-looking.’
Aurelia Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream £30 for 75ml

Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF30 (Perfect Nude)

Soothing, deliciously (but not stickily) glossy and with an SPF – what more could anyone want in a tinted lip balm, asked our testers?

‘I loved this. My lips felt better the moment I started using it. Lovely and silky when it glides on the lips. The tint is lovely – natural but still with a bit of colour to it’ • ‘I love the way my lips feel and look – as if I have lips like Angeline Jolie! I would absolutely buy it again and again.’ • ‘They’ve got the texture just right – not sticky, just nice and moisturising‘ • ‘The tube is very easy to use and the balm is very comfortable – nice and creamy and very hydrating, which is what you want’ • ‘I never normally use this type of product (I use lipsticks and glosses) – but I was so pleasantly surprised that I now use it as a natural looking alternative. I like the lovely, light pink, natural tint’ • ‘The product is flattering and makes me look healthier’ • ‘The packaging is just right – pretty and functional.’
Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF30 (Perfect Nude) £7.99 for 12.5-Grams

Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil

Just thrilled that our own favourite bath product – developed by our friend, the late Geraldine Howard of Aromatherapy Associates – scooped the Gold in the Uplifting Bath Treat category, here. We keep a stock to give to friends who are experiencing tough times.

‘I did not think a bath oil could actually have an uplifting effect but I can honestly say that was how I felt afterwards! I tended to use this when I was feeling tired, low or out of sync; I found it relaxed me at the same as uplifting and invigorating. I absolutely adored the smell’ • ‘Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The scent was absolutely gorgeous and was very herbal and natural. Not only did it have an immediate effect on my spirits by uplifting them, it also made the bathroom and landing smell delightful. My daughter has now “stolen” this from me as she has been through difficult times and exams at school; it has helped her relax, unwind and settle ready for bed’ • ‘Adding this to my bath made me feel calm, serene and happy. I felt like I had armour over my entire body so I was prepared for anything that day’ • ‘I used this as a shower oil as I tend to shower more than bath, and was surprised how lovely it was and how well it worked. I rubbed it into my skin before stepping in the shower – and then as soon as I was under the water the smell and luxurious feel magnified. I was surprised at how soft my skin still felt and how obviously the oil was still working on my skin for several hours after’ • ‘The nicest product I have ever discovered. The fragrance was exquisite! Every time I used it my husband, who never notices any products I use, commented on how nice it smelled and asked what it was. I looked forward to my weekly indulgence much more than I ordinarily would look forward to a bath.
Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil £45 for 55ml

This Works Light Time Cleanse & Glow

Everyone needs a great Instant Face Saver ­– and this morning-time facial wash really wowed the testers for its awakening effect.

‘I loved the experience of using this product. It felt like a pampering treat each time; skin looked glowing but not greasy. I was able to go without make-up on the nursery run – made my skin look fresh and I looked more awake in general’ • ‘I absolutely loved this cleanser as a pick-me-up; the brightening effect made my skin look really fresh. Each time I used it I received compliments on how smooth my skin looked’ • ‘The texture is quite special, lovely when massaged in. It blended smoothly into my skin, then felt similar to an exfoliating mask. I was really impressed by it; it left my skin very smooth, soft, brighter and plumper’ • ‘The smell reminded me of the Mediterranean, and it was lovely to put on my skin, especially first thing in the morning. It smelled fresh and good for you, left my skin very smooth to the touch, fresh and clean with no tightness. A lovely product that was quick and easy with a wonderful natural fragrance.’
This Works Light Time Cleanse & Glow £30 for 75ml

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