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My Foot and I


I’ve wrecked my foot and haven’t been able to walk for months which has been a lesson in patience (minus the times I’ve chucked a few plates at the wall in frustration, but patience is not one of my greater virtues) as well as a sharp reminder of the power of exercise to lift mood. I’ve always known it, and there is a mass of research to back it up, but there is a great difference between knowledge and understanding. When somebody says “this is going to hurt”, you think, in a vaguely abstract way, yes, this is going to hurt. Then it starts and it HURTS.

I’m not talking about exercise as in running a marathon, just a gentle stroll in the fresh air which is a reminder that, even when I’m stuck in an episode of depression, life goes on. The sun comes up, the flowers bloom and the trees stand majestic, impervious to freezing winds and lashing rain, which is a reminded that adversity is a part of the whole. There is something comforting in their indifference and nature’s quiet acceptance of the cycle of the seasons, fresh green life bursting forth only to gently subside in the burnt reds and oranges of autumn. The only constant in life is change, both good and bad. It’s just that we tend to forget the good because we concentrate so hard on the bad. Read More…