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Kirsten set out to create a completely natural, ultra-pure lanolin lip ointment, one that gave the best moisturisation available and that had a lush, glossy finish whilst remaining natural – something that didn’t exist in the cosmetics world. For six years Kirsten pestered and prodded until she created her perfect “I want to wear that formula”, a formula that was: nourishing, moisturising, comfortable wear, made her lips feel great and was based on completely natural, Ultra-Pure Medical Grade Lanolin.

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Lanolips – The next chapter


A movie scene from my youth that fixed in my mind was from the very first Superman epic. Clark Kent hurt his hand, and right in front of a stunned Lois Lane the wound magically healed itself, and his ‘real’ identify was exposed. What struck me about this was that skin healing itself looked so magical… but that’s really what skin actually does (granted not quite so fast).

My view is that humans are pretty incredible, complicated, powerful & perfect, just as we are.

I don’t believe we need to add and create lots of crazy new and unproven chemicals to our skin to improve it. Our skin is magical, it really DOES heal itself. The problem is not the healing process, it is giving our skin the right environment to heal and repair on its own, by itself, to make it as quick and scar less as possible. That’s what this next chapter in my brand is about. Read More…



Lanolips™ is the result of eight years work, a lifetime of preparation. And more than a millennia of market testing.

I own a lovely vintage book called ‘The Lanolin Book’, published by Beiersdorf who created mega-brand ‘NIVEA’, which used to contain lots of lanolin.

One of my favourite passages is this:

‘Everyone who has seen the 2,500 year old Paczyryk carpet in the St. Petersburg Hermitage will have noticed not only the fine knots, but also the unusual radiance, the lustre, of the oldest remaining carpet. It is the lanolin on sheep’s wool that gives the plant colours used to dye the wool their unusual brilliance and has survived the millennia’ – Udo Hoppe

While our face is not made from carpet, surely this magical substance can be used to nourish human skin, just as well. And maybe keep it, ahem, ‘preserved’ a little longer.

Lanolin is a substance naturally found on the coats of sheep. The sheep need lanolin to keep their fleece protected and dry throughout the year. The lanolin is removed from the shorn wool, after their annual shear, completely without harm to the animal. Lanolin is 100% developed by nature. Read More…