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Welcome To My Washbag

Toiletries on white background

I still insist we’re going to Ibiza at some point.  So I’m beginning to think of what to pack, a ritual I needlessly go through every year. I say needless, because I’ve realised I’ve packed the exact same things these last ten years we’ve been going to the same destination. Hendrik the hotel owner, it occurred to me, only knows me in my two increasingly faded silk yoga pants (khaki-turning-beige and mulberry-turning-pink), see-through cotton sun dress from H&M, and a selection of ragged t-shirts with paint stains. Along with some beaten-up flip flops and espadrilles, it’s all I’ve ever needed on the island – I’m hardly going to rock up in sequinned hot pants at er, what’s it called, ‘Amnesia’ to hang out with the ‘party-animals’. Never have done, never will. Read More…

Quarantine Twinkle Toes

blue sky with sun and feet with faces draw on them surrounding frame of shot.

I have always suspected there’s a price to pay for indulging in our vanities too much. I’m the one at the back muttering that all those acid toners will give you brown spots eventually, and the price for your smoothly Botoxed forehead is those beady, lidless eyes. I understood how people would get hooked on Russian lashes when I had them once, but the number of my own lashes I lost in the process made them anything but addictive to me. I’ve marvelled at the transformational effect of a hair weft for a photo shoot, but the thought of the damage permanent extensions can do to your hair has always made me settle for the not particularly luxuriant hair I’ve got. And I’m permanently jealous of the pretty gel nails literally none of my beauty colleagues are ever without anymore. But there is no way you’re going to tell me they won’t make your own nails weaker in the long run. And so: no pretty gel nails for me.

Of course, with the right (intensive, and often professional) care, any damage can be mitigated, so each to their own. And whether we’re talking skin, hair, or nails, any pro will advocate ‘fallow periods’ between courses of treatment; temporary amnesties for your fibres or tissues to let them recuperate and regenerate. They make a all the difference, and allow you to push on with impunity when it comes to your personal beauty essentials. Read More…

Lip Fillers In A Tube?

lip injection closeup

There aren’t many specific products I MUST have in my washbag at all times. Except one, and it’s a bizarre item to get so het up over on the few occasions it’s missing. It’s an antioxidant ‘lip complex’ by SkinCeuticals, and I’ve taken to using it as an antiageing lip cream overnight (which is technically incorrect, as antioxidants are primarily supposed to shield you from the day’s environmental attacks).

It’s been the last thing I’ve put on my face at night it for years, as it makes me wake up in the morning with full-looking lips. More importantly, the fine ‘lipstick’ line (there was one) that I spotted above my top lip 20 years ago is still, give or take, just one minor line. How could that be? Genes, perhaps, but I think it’s the ‘lip complex’. And so I’ve become devoted to it. What if it’s delivered me from aged lips all these years? I’m not prepared to give it up just to find out. Read More…

The Case For Toners

plastic toner bottle with cleansing cotton pads

Maligned, abused and mis-used, toners are among the least understood items in the skincare aisle. But Ingeborg van Lotringen thinks it’s time to give them another chance.

Ask the average person what their idea of a skincare regime is and they will say ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise.’ They won’t actually practise such a routine – most of us have no idea why you would have to ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’. We just think that maybe we should, because the phrase has been hammered into our brains for generations.

Back when face cleansers weren’t the most sophisticated – think Pond’s Cold Cream or a nice 1980’s mineral oil-based cleansing milk, moved around your face and rubbed off with a dry cotton pad – a toner’s USP, on the face of it at least, made sense. It was ‘to remove all traces of cleanser residue’ and ‘treat oiliness’. Read More…