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How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Trousers

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I know, trouser shopping isn’t top of my list either. Mostly because it turns out we would all far rather be shoe shopping. Who wakes up on a Saturday morning thinking, “yippee, the chance to spend all afternoon in a cramped, badly lit changing room, craning my neck to check out my behind. Read More…

Spring Refresh

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What can I tell you about clothes at the dawn of 2018. That you had better get in there quick. T.S Eliot wasn’t joking when he said April was the cruellest month. Although he possibly wasn’t talking about the crushing realisation that anything you have vaguely coveted in the style glossies has probably sold out.

Not that I’m counselling you to buy a whole new wardrobe in February mind. No one but no one (unless you are an oligarch’s moll) buys an entirely new wardrobe each season and certainly no one I’ve ever met with an iota of style. Still, we all want to buy things that will add vim and verve to our existing wardrobes; a few judiciously on pointe items that will make everything else sing -and believe me they don’t hang around. Don’t underestimate the keen eye that is required for changing proportions and attention to detail detail detail although just as important is whether any of it actually suits us, an easily overlooked fact in the race to bag the latest trend.

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As I dive into another scorched almond/slice of panetone/lebekuchen for the 26th day on the trot, it’s tempting to think of the good a large dose of Magnesium Citrate might do me right now.

Possibly we could all do with feeling a little lighter currently, especially after a December (okay so it was November too) of de trop socialising and the dizzying, relentless pace of the run-up to Christmas. Except at the dawn of 2018, I realise I mean lightness in many senses of the word.

It was an email exchange with my former editor, Lisa Armstrong, that got me thinking once again about the importance of living lighter (and consequently, happier, more positive) lives. For a fashion feature, I had asked her to define what luxury meant today. Her definition was lightness in everything from ‘featherweight but warm coats and silk filled duvets to food, luggage, attitudes – and not being hemmed in.’ She thought that if she could cultivate a single thing in everything she did, it would be of lightness of touch. Read More…

How To Do Blingy Festive Wear In A Non-Bling Way


Not so long ago, blingy layers of festive sparkle worn in the run up to Christmas was what ‘other’ people did. Certainly not how anyone with even a sliver of good taste might dress. And certainly not the behaviour of a discerning style maven whose look might best be described as polished but not too polished, stylish and yet not ‘victim’. Well not so in 2017 when shimmering sequins of silver, gold, green, pink, and cobalt blue- yes ,even altogether in the same outfit- are very much where it’s at this winter. And while no one wants to leave the house in a deluge of sparkly tat, this Christmas is fast shaping up to be the one where it’s perfectly acceptable – expected even – to go all out, Quality Street wrapper style, into the night.

For someone who might be described as Mrs Matt (I have never been drawn, magpie like to anything that sparkles) , I’ve already managed to acquire a twinkly silver top from Vanessa Bruno and a pair of sequin ankle boots, although admittedly these are black. But how do you pull any of this off when you’re allergic to high shine? This might sound like the biggest oxymoron but the secret to sequins this season is wearing them in a matt way. Read More…

Be Happy – How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself


How to be happy or happier? Who doesn’t wonder at the formula. And yet, while there’s no one -size-fits-all answer to the question, the missive this month is inspired by Boudica Fox-Leonard’s brilliant feature in the Saturday Telegraph, which I haven’t stopped thinking about since I read it, not least because as the weather turns, we are all more susceptible to SAD –vitamin D folks at the ready.

In it, Andy Cope, psychologist and author claims a small number of Brits, his “lab rats” (a group of people he calls the “two-per-centers” which are the top two percent of the working population , who stand out as creating a positive uplift in those around them) are 22.5% happier than anyone else, with a third more energy and asks what they can teach the rest of us?

For the past 12 years Cope has been studying happiness and observing happy people and is now on a mission to share what he has discovered. Perhaps deep down we too know that happiness is infectious. When someone smiles at you, your gut reaction – whether you know them or not – is to smile back. Happiness, even for a nation he describes as one of moaners (Brits apparently languish at no. 19 on this year’s World Happiness report) is a lot easier to achieve than perhaps we might realise. It’s very much worth the effort, because as Cope points out, without wishing to sound evangelical, your happiness will change the happiness of those around you. Read More…

Autumn Wardrobe Digest

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I know, I know, it’s not very 2017 to be buying head to toe anything and really, unless you’re a Russian oligarch’s moll, few of us spend tens of thousands updating a winter wardrobe. Still, that “back to school/ university/ job /life without school children clawing at your knees all day” feeling- the last one a particularly  delicious one – signals the moment to reassess the change in seasons and much more importantly, your wardrobe.

Since late July, the magazines have been full of thigh-high boot chat but I like to think that most of us prefer to buy autumn clobber when there is genuinely a chill in the air and when we’re not trying to dredge up the dregs of a summer sun tan. So here is a round-up of items that that will instantly update and add vim to what you already own. Heck, they’re pretty classic (and thankfully practical) items so they may already be lurking in your wardrobe if you’ve been canny enough to hold on to past goodies. In any case the following should see you right through to April. In Gill’s words, let’s do it. Read More…