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Do You Need A Super Serum?

Serum Bottles with a dropper lid on pink background

Applying a serum has become a regular protocol in most people’s beauty routines and while stats show that many of us are eschewing multi-step routines, serums are sticking. “A need for simplicity has pushed UK women towards minimalist skincare products with more intense active ingredients, such as serums,” explains Alex Fisher, Global Skincare Analyst at Mintel. “Serums are also a well-liked format, perceived as brightening and nourishing and often include ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants that are said to illuminate skin.” Read More…

Why You Should Always Make Time For Tea

White teapot pouring our dry tea ingredients into white cup on pink background

Forget therapy, think thera-tea. It might be very British to offer a friend a cup of tea when they’re feeling down, stressed or upset, but it goes beyond our colloquial habits. A poll by TAP (Tea Advisory Panel) found that 32% of people believe having a cuppa made them feel less stressed or anxious while recent studies reported a 37% reduced risk of depression when three cups of tea a day were consumed. In fact, in the Netherlands dietary guidelines include three cups of tea per day as part of their recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

We should be on track – as a nation we drink 165 million cups of tea a day but more and more we’re tailoring our teas to our mood and linking them to sensory experiences. Just like you’d choose essential oils on the premise of whether you wanted to feel uplifted, relaxed or calm, we’re investing in a wardrobe of warm drinks to boost our wellness from the inside out. “There are several teas and herbal infusions that are linked to our emotions due to their differing plant bioactive compounds (also known as polyphenols),” says Dr Carrie Ruxton, from the Tea Advisory Panel. “Studies have shown that 50% of people say their mood changes after they’ve had a cup of their favourite tea,” Read More…

How ‘Well’ Is Your Hair?


According to 2020 trend reports, hair ‘wellness’ is the next big thing we need to be aware of. Just like skin can reflect how healthy your insides are, so too can hair and is why more and more supplements and personalised haircare routines that focus specifically on hair nutrition are popping up. “Brands and indeed consumers are making the connection between digestive health, stress, hormonal balance and nutrition and health and beauty,” explains Lucie Greene, founder of trends agency, Light Years. “Beyond loss, hair health in general is something consumers will invest in correcting.” Read More…