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The first Beauty Bible book was launched in 1966, and since then there have been six bestsellers in the series, including The 21st Century Beauty Bible, The Green Beauty Bible and The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. Beauty Bible's mission is to help real women take a short-cut to products that truly work, and in addition to being a completely unbiased voice in the world of beauty, the books and website feature the real-life observations of over 20,000 women who've tried products for Beauty Bible since its launch, making this the biggest-ever independent survey of beauty products ever carried out in the world.

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The Neck’s Best Thing


Fact: as with hands, your neck can give your age away faster than a glance at your passport. Even smooth-skinned British beauties tend to ignore what happens below the chin-line – in fact, for many women, a cursory swipe with a flannel constitutes neck care. The result? Sagginess. Wrinkles. Tell-tale crêpiness. In short, a neck that looks older than the rest of you.

Yet on the Continent, it’s a different story. There, the neck is an erogenous zone, on which TLC is regularly lavished. The result? Necks that stay firmer, smoother and more swan-like for longer. As Paris-based facialist Jickie Leray explains, ‘French women regard their neck and décolletage as an extension of their faces. So everything they do for their face – cleansing, protecting, ritually moisturising – is extended right down to the bust-line.’ And if your new beauty resolution is to take more care of your neck, that’s a pretty good blueprint. (Starting with tonight…) Read More…

Beauty Bible Loves: The (Early) Spring Edit


VH has long been a go-to site for us – and for countless readers – for beauty ‘happenings’. It’s all Gill’s fault: she’s constantly out there sleuthing new and improved products to revolutionise our beauty regimes, and which do what they say on the tin/jar/whatever.

We frequently share our ‘finds’ with Beauty Bible readers – maybe you’re among them? – but thought it was time for a seasonal round-up of some of the new VH faves to which we’ve had the pleasure of introducing our fans and followers. (Every one of which is then entitled to use the rather lovely logo that we had designed a few years back, and which we’re always gratified to spot on beauty packaging!) Temple Spa Trufflesque. Remember that scene in Goldfinger where Shirley Eaton was entirely painted in gold? Read More…

Beauty Packaging Recycling


As New Year’s Resolutions go, resolving to recycle beauty packaging might not seem high on the priority list – but when we talk to women, we’re surprised to find how often this simple yet effective lifestyle step to treading more lightly on the planet is overlooked. Most of us are pretty good at recycling baked bean cans, wine bottles and cornflakes boxes – but that box that came with your moisturiser…? The lid of that moisturiser…? The pot it came in…? Doesn’t happen nearly so often.

Often, though, it’s because people are unsure about what and how. So Beauty Bible spoke to WRAP – the recycling organisation – to get the low-down on what can and can’t be recycled. As Alice Harlock, from Recycle Now, tells us: ‘As a nation we’ve done a great job of tackling recycling in recent years. But there is more we can do, and the bathroom is a great place to start. For example, it is estimated that 60% of glass is currently collected for recycling – which is great – but it would be even better if it was 100%! And glass face cream pots might be one of the things that usually get missed. It’s a small item for one person, but if each of us makes a little change to the way we deal with packaging in the bathroom it will make a big difference when added together.”

It might seem like a teeny jar or a lid – but imagine the mountains that simply end up in landfill, every year… A salutary thought, eh? So: here’s the low-down on what can and can’t be recycled.

Glass face cream pots. (Don’t forget the cardboard packaging it came in – and the little leaflet inside.)

Perfume and aftershave bottles.

Plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Plastic moisturiser bottles. Think: hand cream and body lotion.

Aerosol deodorant cans.

Worried about product ‘residues’ or unsure about whether some bits should be binned? Follow these simple rules…

  1. Rinse first. Before putting plastic bottles in the recycling bin, if it’s easy/possible to do so, give them a quick rinse with hot water.
  1. Love your lids. Plastic caps – for instance, from deodorant cans and moisturiser bottles ­– can go in with the recycling, too.
  1. Remove your tops! Pump dispenser tops – for instance, on liquid soap bottles – should be removed and disposed of with your ordinary waste, as currently they can’t be recycled. (And this also means that if a perfume bottle has a spray attachment, this should be removed before recycling. If you can’t separate the two, alas you’ll have to put the bottle in the bin. We applaud the rising number of perfume brands – with Thierry Mugler leading the movement – to refill products, rather than force us to buy a whole new bottle each time.)
  1. Check it out. To find out where you can recycle beauty packaging close to you, visit: www.recyclenow.com/local-recycling.

And a few more tips…

Buy green. Burt’s Bees and Neal’s Yard, Recycle Now tell us, are among the brands leading the way when it comes to packaging made from recycled materials – which is great news for conserving precious raw materials.

Bag it up. If you tend to forget about putting beauty items for recycling in the recycling bin downstairs/wherever, try hanging a pretty reusable bag on your bathroom door.

Love your labels. Packaging labels and recycling symbols appear on many toiletries now (although we do concede you often need a magnifying glass to read them – which is why we keep one in the bathroom! Great for reading ingredients lists, too.) That way, you can feel more confident about what can and can’t be recycled.

Avoid one-use products. Single-use wipes can fill up the bin quickly – which is one reason we’re so keen on muslin cloths, for cleansing. (The other? It’ll lightly exfoliate skin each time you use one, leaving your skin brighter.)

We can’t help with your resolve to give up sugar or kick your 2 a.m. Instagram habit. But we hope that next time you finish that jar of face cream, you might give a thought to its future life…

Christmas Gifts


Christmas, we think, is the time to give treats that people wouldn’t buy for themselves. But at Beauty Bible, we’ve long made a tradition of using the festive season as an excuse to introduce friends and family to the beauty and wellbeing treats we swear by ourselves. Because if something’s made it onto our bathroom shelves (between us, we literally receive thousands of products to try, each year) and stayed there, this is really quite significant! Bottom line: we would be happy – no, THRILLED! – to receive any of the following. Read More…

Fast Fixes For Winter Skin


This is a time of year when skin can look a tad washed out and you feel all ‘blah’. So we thought this month we would share with you some of our top tips for instant sparkle – and beyond that, some of our favourite quick-fix products.

  • Start by breathing – it’s the foundation of everything. It calms you down, peps you up – oh, and keeps you living. So if you want to be more alive, practice this simple, quick technique at least twice a day for five cycles – more is better. Unfold your arms and legs, sit, lie or stand loosely and close your eyes (if possible). With your tongue just behind your top teeth, inhale to a count of four down to your belly, hold for seven (without letting your shoulders rise), exhale through rounded lips for eight. Brilliant for stress control (and one of the basics of Tantric sex, you might also like to know!)
  • If you can, go for a 20-minute walk in the fresh air. If you’re stuck indoors, march on the spot, arms swinging, knees coming up, then speed up and downstairs. Try jumping up and down – or even some star jumps…

Read More…

Beauty Bible Loves: The Autumn VH Edit


As regular readers of our website know, there’s lots, lots, lots that Beauty Bible Loves at Victoria Health. That’s because our product sleuth friend Gill often introduces us to fab new brands to be found on VH’s shelves. (Sometimes, if we’re really lucky, when we’re all wearing tiaras and having a cuppa. Yes, honesty.) Other times, we’ve been known to point Gill herself – who we’ve in the past (accurately) described as the Indiana Jones of the beauty world – in the direction of ranges which have crossed Beauty Bible’s paths which we think she’d be rather taken with. We share the belief that products need to smell and feel fab, be made with integrity – and always, deliver on their promises. Read More…