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The first Beauty Bible book was launched in 1966, and since then there have been six bestsellers in the series, including The 21st Century Beauty Bible, The Green Beauty Bible and The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. Beauty Bible's mission is to help real women take a short-cut to products that truly work, and in addition to being a completely unbiased voice in the world of beauty, the books and website feature the real-life observations of over 20,000 women who've tried products for Beauty Bible since its launch, making this the biggest-ever independent survey of beauty products ever carried out in the world.

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Which Product When?


Don’t know about you, but for us, September’s fresh start is somehow more welcome than January’s (when we’re mostly feeling sluggish from too much Christmas pud and box sets, rather than energised by an outdoorsy summer). It harks back to those wonderful days of sharpening pencils and getting a shiny pair of school shoes, in preparation for a new term. Read More…

Age Spots: It’s A Lifestyle Thing


The sun has finally come out. Hallelujah! But while it may also be the swimwear season, it is also the ‘sun spot’ season: the time when we all need to be reminded to take some savvy lifestyle steps to guard against a problem which many women find deeply distressing.

Actually, if asked which beauty concern tops women’s list of woes, you might reply ‘lines and wrinkles’ – but you’d be wrong. Because it transpires (and this is backed up by research by none other than Clinique) that what actually bothers women most isn’t expression lines – it’s pigmentation. We might actually not have believed it ourselves if we hadn’t spent some time, a while back, offering back-to-back one-on-one ‘anti-ageing’ consultations with real women, in Selfridges. Read More…

Summer Feet


Summer is ‘happy’ season for feet. Encased in boots, trainers and lace-ups for – oh, probably nine months of the year, in this country – we get to experience the bliss of wriggling our toes in a lawn, or hot white sand, or splashing in the surf. But while all that air circulation is good for feet, foot health isn’t a given. So this month, Beauty Bible posed questions to Matthew Fitzpatrick from The College of Podiatry, who care for feet 365 days a year (find your nearest podiatrist at www.feetforlife.org).

Q. What’s the best way to cut nails – and is it OK to leave them a bit longer in summer, during the sandal season?
A. The most important piece of advice with nail-cutting is to make sure the edge of the nail is proud of the end of the toe. The second is to cut the nail following the shape of the toe itself. Thirdly, don’t cut down the side of the nail. Leaving them slightly longer in the summer months is OK – as we tend to wear less enclosed shoes (those can add pressure to the toe nail) – but as with all times in the year, regular checking of the feet is important

Q. Can you suggest some non-surgical solutions for sweaty feet?
A. Sweaty feet are normal – we all sweat as this is the body’s way of managing our temperature. The reason feet sweat more is we trap them inside shoes all day and in the summer months the temperature (we hope, in the UK!) rises. The problem that most people associate with sweaty feet is the smell. This comes from the feet being trapped in the shoes and bacteria presence produces the smell. Read More…

Our Finds

NIOD-Copper-Amino-Isolate-Serum Our Finds

At the end of March, Beauty Bible paid a little surprise visit to ‘Victoria Health Towers’, as we like to think of it. Actually, we were armed with cake, flowers, champagne and presents for Gill’s birthday – and the look on her very surprised face was worth every moment of MI5-worthy secretive planning.

We got to look around the warehouse, during the visit – and have since been slathering our way through a lot of new ‘finds’, which have already made their way into the ‘Beauty Bible Loves’ section of our own website. So we thought, this month, we’d share our thoughts on those products for you to read here. (Though you’ll have to provide your own cake.) Read More…

Everything’s Coming Up Roses


Ever since our very first Beauty Bible launched, 20 (yikes!) years ago, we’ve noticed a phenomenon. Our readers love, love, love the scent of roses. Time and again, rose-powered products have done brilliantly in our trials, with testers swooning over the scent of the rosily gorgeous lotions, potions and creams they’re checking out on our behalf. And you know what? Who doesn’t, actually, love the scent of roses, at the end of the day. (That might just be an apt analogy, by the way: we recently tried out a rose-scented linen spray from swanky perfume brand Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, which came with the promise: nobody ever had a bad dream in a rose-scented bed. And so far, so dreamy!)

It’s probably no coincidence, then, that Gill has sleuthed out a fair number of rose-scented products for this site – not just due to the popularity of rose’s fragrance, but also its mutli-tasking beauty action. Roses are anti-bacterial, good for acne-prone skin. They’re anti-inflammatory, helping to calm and soothe rosacea and eczema, as well as being moisturising: the natural oils found in roses help lock moisture in the complexion, while the sugars in rosepetals have been found to soothe the complexion. Read More…