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The first Beauty Bible book was launched in 1966, and since then there have been six bestsellers in the series, including The 21st Century Beauty Bible, The Green Beauty Bible and The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. Beauty Bible's mission is to help real women take a short-cut to products that truly work, and in addition to being a completely unbiased voice in the world of beauty, the books and website feature the real-life observations of over 20,000 women who've tried products for Beauty Bible since its launch, making this the biggest-ever independent survey of beauty products ever carried out in the world.

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Our Finds

NIOD-Copper-Amino-Isolate-Serum Our Finds

At the end of March, Beauty Bible paid a little surprise visit to ‘Victoria Health Towers’, as we like to think of it. Actually, we were armed with cake, flowers, champagne and presents for Gill’s birthday – and the look on her very surprised face was worth every moment of MI5-worthy secretive planning.

We got to look around the warehouse, during the visit – and have since been slathering our way through a lot of new ‘finds’, which have already made their way into the ‘Beauty Bible Loves’ section of our own website. So we thought, this month, we’d share our thoughts on those products for you to read here. (Though you’ll have to provide your own cake.) Read More…

Everything’s Coming Up Roses


Ever since our very first Beauty Bible launched, 20 (yikes!) years ago, we’ve noticed a phenomenon. Our readers love, love, love the scent of roses. Time and again, rose-powered products have done brilliantly in our trials, with testers swooning over the scent of the rosily gorgeous lotions, potions and creams they’re checking out on our behalf. And you know what? Who doesn’t, actually, love the scent of roses, at the end of the day. (That might just be an apt analogy, by the way: we recently tried out a rose-scented linen spray from swanky perfume brand Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, which came with the promise: nobody ever had a bad dream in a rose-scented bed. And so far, so dreamy!)

It’s probably no coincidence, then, that Gill has sleuthed out a fair number of rose-scented products for this site – not just due to the popularity of rose’s fragrance, but also its mutli-tasking beauty action. Roses are anti-bacterial, good for acne-prone skin. They’re anti-inflammatory, helping to calm and soothe rosacea and eczema, as well as being moisturising: the natural oils found in roses help lock moisture in the complexion, while the sugars in rosepetals have been found to soothe the complexion. Read More…

Not So Mad March Hair


Glossy. Shiny. Swingy. Those are the hair watchwords on our beauty wishlist, but honestly, at this time of year…? The drying effects of the tail end of winter, with central heating and the tangle factor of windy walks (not to mention the dreaded ‘hat hair’ phenomenon) takes its toll. And frizzy, dry, lacklustre hair – with or without tell-tale roots – can be closer to daily reality.

Masks and intensive conditioning treatments, though, can make a huge difference. The watchwords are: ‘more product, more often, for more time.’ Ideally at this time of year, at least once a week you’ll slather on a mask and leave it on for as long as possible. Try wrapping in Clingfilm, and gently warming with a hairdrier, for deeper penetration. At the very least, wrap hair in a warm towel, carefully turban-ed in place. If you do leave on a product overnight, you can simply rinse in the shower next day. (But be sure to protect your pillow, if you’re sleeping in the mask.) Read More…

Beauty Resolutions


By now, most of us have blown our New Year’s Resolutions. How long did the promise to run every morning before work last, when those Arctic winds blew in? Or for that slice of a friend’s cake to blow your vow to ‘eat clean’, for 2016? Frankly, the days are so dark, the weather’s so grim and it takes so much time to ‘rev up’ after watching daytime TV for a fortnight after Christmas, at Beauty Bible we’re taking a slightly ‘kinder’ and more realistic approach to resolutions, setting targets that are realistic and more easily achieved. And what’s more, we reckon that February – when the sight of daffs peeking through the ground and the days are lengthening encouragingly – is time for the real new start.

We believe that there are small health-and-beauty shifts that will make big differences to how we look (and feel) over the coming months. So here are our recommendations – in no particular order – for simple resolutions that will genuinely, seriously improve your wellbeing and looks, over the next year. (We’d offer a money-back guarantee, if we could…!) Read More…

Just Juicing


If you’re anything like us, you probably never want to see another mince pie or cheeseboard again, after the festivities. And although we loathe the word ‘detox’, January certainly seems time to give the over-taxed digestive system a bit of a rest, for at least a week or two.

Juicing is the perfect way to do that – but we admit: it used to be that we’d start with good intentions and pretty swiftly, get lazy and get out of the habit of juicing. The debut of the Nutribullet, however, has changed everything. If you don’t yet have one of these gadgets, invest now – because they make creating juices and smoothies easier than anything that’s gone before. Juicing always used to be a faff: juicers seem to have a million pieces, and invariably one gets lost at the back of a drawer rendering many a juicer into a dust-collector. You can pretty much throw anything into a Nutribullet, however, and within seconds it’s pulped – keeping the valuable fibre in, rather than extracting it.

Best of all, this high-power blender can be cleaned in a flash – just rinsed under running water – and it’s good to go again. With a Nutribullet (no, we’re not on commission – though we rather think we should be!), it has never been easier to create supercharged, sippable nourishment. Read More…

Dear Santa


’Tis the season to bestow gifts on friends and family – and personally (perhaps it’s because of our jobs), we like to give gorgeously: bath and beauty goodies which don’t need a) dusting or polishing, b) walking or c) won’t have them wondering how long is a decent interval before they can drop them at the nearest Scope shop. You might not automatically think of Victoria Health as a ‘gift’ destination – but we certainly do. Some of our biggest pressie successes have been things we’ve bagged at VH – and so this month, we thought we’d share some of the ‘finds’ we’ll be wrapping for loved ones any minute now.

Cailyn Cosmetics O Wow! Brush, £20. We have raved about this before. We will rave about it again. And we’ll probably go on raving about this literally life-changing foundation brush until the seas freeze over. We’ve gifted this to several friends in 2015 and their rave reviews mirror our own (which you can read about here). You squeeze/squirt your base onto the back of your hand, pick up the colour with the brush’s microfibre bristles, and then literally ‘smoosh’ into skin (um, it’s a technical term!) for the most flawless finish ever. Truly astonishing and absolutely our Beauty Find of the Year. Read More…