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The first Beauty Bible book was launched in 1966, and since then there have been six bestsellers in the series, including The 21st Century Beauty Bible, The Green Beauty Bible and The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. Beauty Bible's mission is to help real women take a short-cut to products that truly work, and in addition to being a completely unbiased voice in the world of beauty, the books and website feature the real-life observations of over 20,000 women who've tried products for Beauty Bible since its launch, making this the biggest-ever independent survey of beauty products ever carried out in the world.

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Facial Massage


If you were to ask us one key piece of beauty advice, we would probably answer: massage your face. Once upon a time, we had a friend who was terrified to touch her face, in case she wrinkled it. Yet the opposite is more true: massaging your face – getting the lymph flowing and the circulation moving – is incredibly good for skin, delivering nutrients, boosting radiance and de-puffing, as the lymph drains away. It’s also fantastically de-stressing, especially massaging the cheek and jaw area where a lot of us unwittingly store tension. (Do an instant check: are your jaws clenched together, as you read this? If so, simply press along the jaw-line right now to remove some of that stress.) Read More…

How To Have Lovelier Legs


Well, ‘Hi’. Hello, you pasty, maybe flabby limbs – which have probably been lurking under Wolford opaques since last autumn. It’s time to come out and play. To be shown off, in shorter skirts, Capris – maybe (if we’re really daring) shorts and a cossie.

If the thought of abandoning tights and trousers has you feeling low on the leg confidence-o-meter, though, we’re striding – literally – to the rescue. Because there are great cheats, on the leg front. And there are ways to shape up legs which don’t require a gym membership (or any great lifestyle changes, really).

Of course, genes do go some way to determining the length of your legs (the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Elle MacPherson having won the DNA lottery, on that front) – but there’s plenty those of us who are less blessed can do about their shapeliness. In fact, you can literally add some tone-up exercises to your regime right now this minute – by skipping the lift/escalator and taking the stairs. According to personal trainer Jolene Matthews, ‘Don’t underestimate this simple activity.’ She recommends ‘skipping’ steps (i.e. taking two at a time, if knees will permit) if you’re taking a dozen or so stairs; not only does this shape your legs, but your abdominal muscles and derrière. Matthews also recommends something many of us like to do without even thinking about its leg-sculpting benefits: dancing. ‘There’s a reason why dancers all have amazing legs,’ she says. ‘It’s the perfect activity. It gets your heart up and shapes the legs.’ Read More…

Turbo-Charge Your Cleansing Regime

Turbo-Charge Your Cleansing Regime

We are the Queens of Clean – always have been – but we know many, many women who are so bored by cleansing they skimp (and even occasionally skip) this important part of the anti-ageing ritual. You can spend hundreds of pounds on an anti-ageing cream (if you really must…) – but it’s money down the drain if you aren’t cleansing properly.

The reason is simple: unless you’ve got rid of the daily build-up of dead skin cells, your anti-ager is just going to sit there. Doing not very much at all. Quite expensively…

Cleansing in this specific way – as espoused originally by Eve Lom and now many, many happy and fresh-faced followers – is, in our experience, the most effective way to swoosh away the day and ‘prep’ skin for everything that comes next. Read More…

How To Tackle Wee-Small-Hours Insomnia

How to Tackle Wee Small Hours Insonmia

Do you have sleep challenges? It’s hard enough for many of us to nod off in the first place, but even those who successfully drift off may find we’re waking between 3 and 5 am.  Often we can’t get back to sleep; if we do, it’s usually not restful slumber. Whatever the cause – and some swear it can be the phases of the moon (which we don’t disbelieve) – the result is a loss of energy and focus, and a feeling of having to drag yourself through the day, until the next broken night.  Experts suggest the following ways to woo sleep; we’ve tried their advice and it works.

Relax in the evening.  Don’t drink coffee, tea or cola after 6 pm and avoid heavy fatty or sugary foods and excess alcohol which your body has to process during the night; cool your body by walking barefoot, opening a window, wearing light night clothes and having a warm – not hot – bath.

Dim lights through the evening.  Until electric lighting became commonplace, people naturally downshifted with the onset of dusk. Today, the light assault continues until we go to bed – often after watching disturbing events on the news – and we still expect to fall asleep immediately, which is dotty since the sleep hormone melatonin needs darkness to switch it on.  Last thing at night, spend a few moments gazing at the vast velvet darkness of the night sky. Read More…

Three of the Absolute Best

Three of the Absolute Best

At Beauty Bible, we’ve been there, done that and ironed the t-shirt, product-wise – seen it all, tried it all (and rejected a lot of it), over the years. But as many of you know, every day on www.beautybible.com we do feature a new Beauty Bible Loves item, hand-picked from the hundreds we receive every week from the world’s leading beauty brands. (Oh, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it).

Last month, something spectacular happened. Gill introduced us to three products which frankly blew our minds and became cornerstones of our beauty lives. We shared our raves with Beauty Bible readers, but – since this trio can be found on VH – we thought we’d share them with you, too. Here’s what we wrote… Read More…

How To Glow At The Darkest Time Of The Year


As the shortest day approaches, most women’s skin gets the ‘blahs’. (No, you’re not alone.) But we happen to know several ways to wake up your face fast – which is just dandy, when December tends to be a social whirl and you want your skin to look energised and glowing. You can go the professional route: trek to a salon, have your face massaged, be slathered with creams (and lie there hoping you’re not getting a parking ticket). Or you can go the D-I-Y route, which is infinitely cheaper and more accessible. Now, that’s not to say we don’t love a facial – see a list below of some of our favourites. But realistically, who has the money or just as importantly the time to indulge more than once in a blue moon…?

Your daily regime is one thing.  But it’s easy to be lulled – out of sheer inertia and/or laziness – into doing the same for your skin, day in, night out. So we really, really can’t encourage you too strongly to try these face-waking techniques. Read More…