Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Update


We feel like having a long lie-down this month. It’ll never happen, but here’s the reason: our latest edition of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible was just published, with dozens of new entries. Each and every book – and each and every update (because there are new launches and products all the time) – is the end of a l-o-n-g journey. Over the past year, we sent over 2,400 different products out – to 2,400 testers in all. (Do the math: that’s 24,000 jars, tubes and compacts!) After the trial period (as long as four months, depending on the product), every score is logged, comments scrutinised – and the final verdict on the award-winning products which beat thousands of others to the pages of our book is delivered.

We are thrilled to bits that VH’s Gill Sinclair has pulled off quite a coup, and is showcasing the book on VH well before the rest of the world gets its hands on it. (Take that, Amazon! Take that, WH Smith!) So to celebrate, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at a handful of the brand new product listings, in this fresh edition…

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial: Score: 9.19

We dithered a lot over whether to include this in our Night Treatment chapter, or in facial oils – or even serums! It’s basically a fusion of both, but designed to be used at night. So ‘night treatments’ is where we’ve parked this pump-action product, designed to deliver ‘facial-like’ effects overnight (as you might expect from this A-list super-facialist’s signature range), with a blend of omega oils and powerful peptides, all deliciously scented with jasmine, rose, frangipani and tuberose.

Comments: ‘Really does an amazing job, providing a host of benefits and immediate improvement: my skin was particularly irritated and blotchy when I started but within a few days began to clear, becoming soft, balance and less red – within a few days I was glowing’ • ‘people said my skin looked better and less irritated and I was asked for ID buying a bottle of wine at the supermarket!’ • ‘my skin looked amazing after the first application, soft and plump, with visible difference in fine lines, didn’t have its usual “slept-in” look, with a real radiance; felt smooth and velvety like a plumped-up cushion’ • ‘fantastic results and a natural product – I love it!’ • ‘sinks in quickly but stays on skin long enough for a good massage, love the dispenser too’ • ‘skin definitely looks fresher and young, fine lines more plumped and overall much improved’ • ‘I had been run down and skin was pale and grey: overnight it improved and friends said how well I looked’.

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion: Score: 8.5

Personally, with the amount of walking we do, our feet would probably look like rhino hooves without monthly or so medi-pedis from Margaret Dabbs’ team. (Can’t recommend too highly.) But that’s not what secured this a Beauty Bible Award: our completely independent testers really liked this rich, creamy, lemon myrtle-scented lotion, packed with healing organic emu oil (which is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, too).

Comments: ’10/10 for this lovely creamy smooth foot cream. I have very, very dry skin on my feet and this made them smooth, soft and great-smelling. So enjoyable to use and so effective’ • ‘rich cream that sank in well and really softened hard skin’ • ‘loved the refreshing lemon fragrance’ • ‘very good moisturiser indeed, instantly absorbed and kept hard skin patches very much under control’ • ‘a friend commented my feet were looking good’ • ‘Wow! Left my feet feeling as if I was walking on air- soft, silky, moisturised, expensive but worth every penny.

Show-Off Body Lotion: Score 8.38

As you may know, the Bombshell range was created by Lulu (yes, singer Lulu), to sit alongside her fab anti-ageing skincare. It’s enriched with skin-repairing avocado oil, shea butter, vitamins C and E and antioxidant white tea – plus white truffle for a luminous, dewy glow, and comes in a sleek, user-friendly tube.

Comments: ‘10/10 for this lovely light silky lotion! Really easy to rub in, perfect to put on when you’re in a rush as it sank in straight away; lovely light fragrance; made my very dry skin instantly soft and supple, with a subtle sheen’ • ‘I loved this body lotion, one of the best I have ever used: my skin is now soft and smooth and more youthful instead of dry and flaky: I love it’ • ‘legs felt smooth and very silky straight away’ • ‘skin elasticity was improved and dryness on knees and elbows greatly so: I really liked this product although I would never have considered buying a Lulu product before as I avoid celebrity endorsements but I was really disappointed when I finished this’ • ‘a touch of super quick luxury that lasts all day; great all rounder that also tackled a touch of sunburn’.

Temple Spa Bosom Pal: Score 7.63

Temple Spa have wowed our readers with their Skin Truffle – the highest-scoring miracle cream all-rounder in all of Beauty Bible’s history – and have a notable new entry in this edition with this aptly-named bust-booster, designed for use morning and night to target loss of elasticity post-pregnancy, weight loss or general, gravity-induced ageing. It features what they call a Cell-Active®-Form Complex derived from plant ingredients, together with vitamins.

Comments: ‘The treated side of my bust appeared more toned and firmer after two weeks, which to be honest surprised me’ • ‘After four weeks, definite improvement in firmness and elasticity, no noticeable difference in volume, which was good; I really like this product’ • ‘after four weeks, skin had dramatically improved: it looked and felt supple and toned around neck, décolleté and bust. I felt less self conscious about wearing a V-neck and noticed a vast difference when I wore a low cut frock. Definitely my bosom pal, I loved it some much’ • ‘sun damage to décolleté improved, difference in skin tone and clarity between treated and untreated breast was noticeable’.

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